Collection: Purses

So I am always curious to see what people have in their collections so today I thought I would share with you my purse collection.

The first three purses in my collection are key chains I found at Target in the purse area for $7 each!

This next purse was included in the Our Generation set called Perfect Score. This one is actually lined and has velcro to hold the flap closed, which is very unusual for Our Generation.

This next one is probably one of my favorite and most used purses. I love to use it as a cross body purse! It is American Girl Brand and if I remember correctly it came with a pair of tennis/gym shoes with pink and red stripes down the sides. I found them in the sale section of the website about 4 years ago so I think they are part of other outfits that they had extras of. The only other time I personally have seen something like that is that I had ordered some blue and white tennis/gym shoes from the sale section of the website and later discovered that they had been part of one of Julie’s limited edition outfits that had already retired. So I’m guessing it is something like that. I have tried to look this purse up on American Girl wikia but I haven’t been able to find it. If you know, leave a comment please!

This yellow purse is part of the American Girl Sunglasses and Purse Set that released in 2013 and retired in 2015. I got it as part of a package deal that they had going on at the time that was the Sunglasses and Purse Set, the Flower Sweater and Skirt Set, the Striped Hoodie Outfit, and the School Days Outfit (#2) for I think $90. It has been about 4 years now, though, so I’m not exactly sure.

The next purse is again American Girl but I cannot for the life of me remember what set it came in or anything about it. Honestly, I don’t even remember getting it. It was just there in my stuff all of a sudden.

This fun watermelon purse came in the Our Generation Mini set called Season Pass. It was an amusement park themed mini set.

This next jeweled purse was included in American Girl’s Merry Magenta Outfit. It was one of American Girl’s 2016 holiday outfits.

This cute brown purse that goes with so many of my outfits is from an Our Generation Mini set called Into The Groove. I love how it can be worn as a cross body purse!

Next is Lea’s Messenger Bag from American Girl. It was included with Lea Clark when you bought the doll.

This next bag is American Girl brand as well and came in a beach set with a magazine, a sparkling juice and flip flops. It was one of the in store exclusives that has recently been updated but I love this bag and the versatility it offers.

This next sweet purse is from Our Generation and was included in the Sweet Memories set. I love that this purse actually has a working zipper.


This purse was included in Our Generations set called Pretty Shimmery which is another odd combination that they had as the outfit itself was navy, white and goldenrod in color.


This next purse is from the Sweet Tooth set from Our Generation.


This purse was included in the set Afternoon Tea by Our Generation. I like this one because it is a bit unique in its color blocking and overall design.


This purse is probably my favorite out of my entire collection. It is a key chain I found while on vacation at Walt Disney World. It has the perfect touch of class and whimsy.


Work In Progress Wednesday: Bird Button Up Tops

I have used this pattern several times, so I knew how it was and felt comfortable sewing them. (Now if only I could master the long sleeve version!)


I like the classic cut of this shirt. I feel like it can be dressed up or down. I’m thinking I need a crisp white shirt made with this pattern. I can picture it with a denim skirt, Converse® style shoes and a backpack. Or with a fun color pencil skirt and a wide belt. Or with a fun maxi skirt. So many possibilities.


This shirt is a great addition to my collection and the multiples will be passed on to my nieces.


Purchase With Purchase


This is the current purchase with purchase. When I made my trip to the St. Louis American Girl last weekend, I decided to pick this up as well. I won’t be keeping it though. I picked it up for my niece. It is really cute though. It is impossible to see in the picture but the leggings have silver glitter in them.


Work In Progress Wednesday: Hoodies

I love the way these turned out! This is the first time I tried out this pattern so I cut up a hoodie I had purchased for myself and then did not care for the way it looked on me. I was able to get five doll sized hoodies out of the fabric I had available. I know I only have three pictured but that is because I gave the others away. I used a pattern that I purchased on pixie called the All Zipped Up Hoodie 18″ Doll Clothes from QTπ Doll Clothing. I love Marilyn’s Doll Clothes and have purchased several items from her etsy shop so when I saw this pattern I knew I definitely wanted to test it out. Her directions were very clear and easy to understand and I definitely recommend this pattern. I sewed my hoodies assembly line style and the only issue I had was with one of the zippers. It was a stupid mistake but I was able to catch it and fix it relatively quickly.


I know one of the hoodies is laid out face down. I did this so you could see how big of a zipper is used. It makes getting the dolls dressed so much easier. Once the doll is dressed, the zipper is almost invisible.


I love how realistic these hoodies look and can’t wait to make more. Maybe I’ll even make some with graphics as well someday in the future.


Sneak Peek Of My American Girl Haul

I spent my Tuesdays and Thursdays all school year-long volunteering for the after school tutoring program a school in my neighborhood has. Well the program has finished for the year and they wanted to thank me for my time and for helping the kids in the program so they gave me a dollar figure and told me to decide what gift cards I would like. I ended up with $300 in American Girl gift cards! So today we headed to St. Louis on a little shopping spree (we popped into an Ikea while we were there as well and picked up some needed items).


Stay tuned for reviews and make sure to see if you can spot any of these items in future posts and scenes I may do in the future.


Work In Progress Wednesday: Pleated Skirts

Fresh off the sewing machine are these six pleated skirts. They turned out so cute although they are a bit short in my opinion. In the pictures below I tugged them down a bit so they didn’t seem so short so the next skirts I make from this pattern will have some length added to them.


Despite being shorter than I like, I am so glad I am adding these to my collection.


Work In Progress Wednesday: Star Trek Flannel Pajamas and Blue Baseball Tees

I was able to get some sewing done recently. I was able to get a set of flannel pajamas made and three baseball style tees.


These Star Trek pajamas are perfect for any trekkie out there! They were made from a scrap I found in the clearance bin at JoAnn Fabrics. I always like checking for fun fabrics there for doll clothing items.


The three baseball style tee shirts were made from the remnants from an oversized mens tee shirt that I had leftover from another project. If you look closely in the first picture you will see that one of them has a different hem. That is because I used the original hem from the shirt it was up cycled from. I don’t mind so much.


The shirts are great basics and are perfect for layering.


I love how these items turned out and I think they will be great additions to my doll wardrobe.