American Girl: *Retired* Garden Boots

Recently I was able to find several American girl sets at a thrift store near me. One of the sets I picked up were these boots for $2!


When I looked them up on American Girl Wiki I learned that they are called Garden Boots. They were released in 2011 and retired in 2014 and cost $16. (I got a $14 savings on a retired item! )


They look great on the girls too! The only thing I noticed, was that the right one was much more difficult to get on. But most of my shoes are like that. So the only thing I can figure is that the mold for the right leg and left legs are off just a tiny bit. No matter! I am still able to use them and they look great!



Aria & Silas – A Conversation

Sometimes the best place for a conversation is outside under the shade of a giant tree. Especially when the weather is perfect. Not too hot and not too cold. No bugs and just the faintest breeze that is just enough to keep the air moving and fresh. Aria and Silas know they need to take advantage of that type of weather when they can because before too long the temperature will start dropping.



Blown Away!

I know that usually I would have an Our Generation Review today because it is Monday but I came across something that has amazed me so much that I threw off the normal schedule.

So this morning I did my usual scroll through Instagram and agupdatenews has posted this:


I don’t always check out other accounts just because someone recommends them but I liked the pictures so I decided to check her (lulubloom_ag) out. What I saw blew me away!


Her pictures are so professional looking and the quality of the house she is making is phenomenal! Look at the floor plans she drew! Just looking at that, you know this place is going to be amazing!


She made a faux brick porch! Look how realistic it is!


The layout/floor plan is so much like a real house. It makes my dream doll house with the basic box rooms look so basic in comparison! I am in love with this house!


The trim around the door looks amazingly realistic!


I am loving the faux brick porch!


The window trim looks phenomenal too! So realistic!


I have never seen a doll house with angled walls before! This is sooo cool!


I love that you can see into another room from the doorways. I believe this is from the living room looking into the pantry.


This is just an over head view that she had of the pantry.


How cool is this floor?!? She made it! So if you love any of these pictures and want to check out her other pictures or her progress as she continues to build her doll house head on over to Instagram and follow lulubloom_ag! I have probably stared at each of her pictures a dozen times already today! I am thinking that my future dream doll house plans have changed dramatically today!


Thrift Store Finds!

There is a thrift store near me that I like to go to occasionally because they generally have mini books. I like to check them out and see if there are any I would like. Well I was headed out of the store when I spied a huge collection of American Girl Items! I picked up a few and I am giving you a sneak peek!


Check back for the reviews!


New Release Wish List

Yesterday American Girl released quite a few new items so I thought I would share with you my wishlist from the new releases.


First off, of course Nanea Mitchell makes the cut! I personally love the new face mold and her wide-eyed look. She is gorgeous. She would become a modern doll in my collection and be renamed as well but she will be a great addition to my collection.


Nanea’s Family Market is adorable. How cute is that Spam?! I mostly want this just for the accessories, but knowing me, I would figure out something to do with the counter and the store shelves as well. I am not one that feels I need to keep things exactly as American Girl makes them, so I am open to taking things apart, painting, etc. Nevertheless $250 is a lot of money for the accessories and no clear idea what I would do with the other pieces. So I might just wait until I can find the Spam and other canned goods on eBay instead of buying the entire set.


Z’s Rainy Day Outfit is cute. I especially love the vest and rain boots. This is another one of those outfits where I would probably mix and match the pieces with other items as I am not a fan of them all together. But individually all of the pieces are adorable. I think it is a little obnoxious that the umbrella is sold with Popcorn’s Rainy Day Outfit as I have no plans to get that set. I am just not as into the animals as most people are. So I will do without the umbrella.


Z’s Media Kit is adorable, but I’m not 100% sure I am going to get it. I will probably just make americangirlideas version. That way I can have more than one light box and I can make as many backdrops as my heart desires. And for the cost of American Girl’s version I can probably make two light boxes, the green screen, a storage bag for the poles, at least a dozen different backdrops and I could still purchase a plastic container to store all of it in! So the only things I would really be missing out on are the Seattle backdrop, the megaphone, the clapboard, the tips and tricks booklet and the pretend award. Those weren’t really the things I wanted from the set anyway, except maybe the tips and tricks booklet.


The new American Girl Stable is adorable?! Have they ever done the chickens and chicken coop before? Well as of right now the chickens and their coop are really all I want from this set so as much as I like it, I don’t see me getting it. They’re so cute though!


How cute is this Pie-Baking Set? I don’t even like whipped cream but that little can of it is so cute! And I love those little clear ‘glass’ Pyrex style pie pans! How perfect will this set be for Thanksgiving and Christmas scenes?! I am not a huge fan of the pattern on the plates and would have preferred plain white over what is offered, but they didn’t ask me. Oh well. The set is still amazing!


Ok I’ll admit that the antler headband is a huge part of why I want the Festive Reindeer PJ’s. I mean, I can always use another pair of holiday pajamas but the antlers are just the icing on the cake! Besides, there is always that one friend or family member that wears a set at a holiday gathering and now the dolls can follow that tradition as well!


I love this years Fancy Holiday Dress. The jewel tones and the brocade fabric are gorgeous. For those of us collectors that have ‘older’ dolls, it is a little bit more of a grown up look which is great!


American Girl updated their snow suit this year with their Star Of The Slopes Outfit. I personally like the purple and lime green color contrast and the bold print of the jacket. I  think it makes it fun and will stand out great against the white of the snow.


Every time American Girl comes out with a new snow suit they also put out the supplies for a new winter sport. Sometimes it is skiing. Sometimes it is snowboarding. This time the winter sport is snowboarding so they released a new snowboard, helmet, goggles and mittens to match the new snowsuit. I love the fun chevron pattern on the snowboard and the almost fireworks look on the helmet.


Maryellen’s Roller Skating Accessories are adorable! The crisp white of the skates, against the black base and pink wheels make these look so classic. I am not a fan of the pom pom on the front and I’ll have to investigate this a little closer but I’m thinking they can be removed pretty easily. The socks are cute and basic white so those are always needed. I am curious what the lid to the storage container looks like as American Girl doesn’t have a picture of that on their website. I am not usually a fan of the stickers in the set as I am not a child so I don’t usually use them, but that flamingo is adorable! I would be willing to put that on a canvas or frame it and put it in the doll house somewhere with how cute that is!


Melody’s Birthday Party Accessories is a new set. I personally have no need for the cake itself or the tablecloth, but I LOVE those dishes! They look so much like the blue glass dishes from that era and they are so pretty! And extra silverware is always welcome in my collection as well.


That completes my wish list from yesterday’s release! What items are you wanting?


Our Generation: Fashion Notes

This set is a deluxe set from Our Generation and is called Fashion Notes. It retails for $17.99 and is available at Target. It includes:

  • sweatshirt
  • skirt
  • headband
  • pair of tights
  • pair of shoes
  • trumpet
  • 2 music sheets


The set lists that a sweatshirt is included but I believe it is more of a sweater. It is adorable though. It is light gray with a bit of sparkle woven through the entire thing. There are five pink gem stones on the chest of the sweater which are a nice detail. (I can’t wait to remove the Our Generation ego tag. It will be even better then!)


The skirt is a soft pink tutu style skirt. It is a bit juvenile for my dolls but it is adorable! The tulle is much softer than you would expect it to be as well.


The tights are just plain white and you can never go wrong with another pair of tights. The headband on the other hand…what were they thinking? I don’t understand it at all! I wouldn’t want to wear a big puff-ball on my head.


Ok Our Generation! You are upping your game! I have complained repeatedly about the shoes you include in your clothing sets. The shoes you have in the mini sets have always been amazing but the clothing set shoes have always been sub par. Now that being said, I am still not a fan of fully plastic shoes like this. But these shoes are amazing compared to some of the other shoes I have gotten in Our Generation sets. I love the color combination of pale pink, lavender and white and the style of the shoe from this set. I do wish they were not all plastic though.


I know I usually complain about EVERYTHING being turned pink, but in this case I love that they made the trumpet ‘rose gold’! It is adorable!


This set includes two pages of sheet music. I love how realistic they look. Mine came taped together which drives me nuts! Please Our Generation, stop taping paper items together! But with an insane amount of patience I was able to remove the tape without ruining the paper.


This set is adorable and I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. The colors are adorable and it has such a soft look to it.


I was able to get Zurie to hold her own sheet music as well!


This set is worth every penny! I definitely recommend it!