American Girl: *Retired* Fresh and Fun Outfit

One of the outfits I found at the local thrift store was the Fresh and Fun Outfit. It released in 2011 and cost $28. I am not sure when it retired but I am so glad I was able to pick it up. I was able to get it for five dollars! What a deal!

The color is off but this first picture shows what is included in the set. A tee-shirt, a faux wrap skirt, arm warmers and shoes.


This is the skirt. It has three faux buttons down one side and three embroidered ‘patches’ on the other side. I think the skirt would look better with either one or the other (preferably the faux buttons) but they didn’t ask me. The skirt is still cute even if it is a bit busy in my opinion.


This picture shows the color of the shirt a little more accurately. I liked the fun contrast of the lime stitching on the fuchsia fabric. I felt that the shirt was unique without being weird.


The shoes are adorable. I have several pairs of gym shoes but none of them look like these. Score!


And then there are the arm warmers. I personally don’t get the arm warmer fad. I think they look strange. But they match the tee-shirt.


Below I have Zurie modelling the outfit. It is a good color for her!


Below I show the outfit without the arm warmers and I personally prefer this look.


I can’t get over how good Zurie looks in this color!


I think that the tee-shirt and shoes were well worth the $5 I spent on it. I am undecided about what I will do with the skirt but the arm warmers will definitely not be used by me!



American Girl: *Retired* Talent Show Set

I found this set at the thrift store near me not too long ago. It is the Talent Show Set from American Girl and retailed for $34. It was released in 2013 and retired in 2014. I love this set and actually remember seeing it but for some reason I never picked it up, so I am excited to finally add it to my collection. It was missing the headband and dog collar but those pieces were not important to me and it was only $10. There is a dress, shoes, ball, pedestal and hoop.


I love this dress! The vibrant shades of pink and purple and the white under layer make this dress adorable!


The shoes are pink ballet flats with white bows. The pink of the shoes match the pink of the dress perfectly!


Zurie looks adorable in this dress! The colors and the cut are perfect on her!


All she needs now is a puppy to balance on the pedestal or to jump through the hoop!


I love this set!


American Girl: *Retired* Garden Boots

Recently I was able to find several American girl sets at a thrift store near me. One of the sets I picked up were these boots for $2!


When I looked them up on American Girl Wiki I learned that they are called Garden Boots. They were released in 2011 and retired in 2014 and cost $16. (I got a $14 savings on a retired item! )


They look great on the girls too! The only thing I noticed, was that the right one was much more difficult to get on. But most of my shoes are like that. So the only thing I can figure is that the mold for the right leg and left legs are off just a tiny bit. No matter! I am still able to use them and they look great!


Aria & Silas – A Conversation

Sometimes the best place for a conversation is outside under the shade of a giant tree. Especially when the weather is perfect. Not too hot and not too cold. No bugs and just the faintest breeze that is just enough to keep the air moving and fresh. Aria and Silas know they need to take advantage of that type of weather when they can because before too long the temperature will start dropping.



Blown Away!

I know that usually I would have an Our Generation Review today because it is Monday but I came across something that has amazed me so much that I threw off the normal schedule.

So this morning I did my usual scroll through Instagram and agupdatenews has posted this:


I don’t always check out other accounts just because someone recommends them but I liked the pictures so I decided to check her (lulubloom_ag) out. What I saw blew me away!


Her pictures are so professional looking and the quality of the house she is making is phenomenal! Look at the floor plans she drew! Just looking at that, you know this place is going to be amazing!


She made a faux brick porch! Look how realistic it is!


The layout/floor plan is so much like a real house. It makes my dream doll house with the basic box rooms look so basic in comparison! I am in love with this house!


The trim around the door looks amazingly realistic!


I am loving the faux brick porch!


The window trim looks phenomenal too! So realistic!


I have never seen a doll house with angled walls before! This is sooo cool!


I love that you can see into another room from the doorways. I believe this is from the living room looking into the pantry.


This is just an over head view that she had of the pantry.


How cool is this floor?!? She made it! So if you love any of these pictures and want to check out her other pictures or her progress as she continues to build her doll house head on over to Instagram and follow lulubloom_ag! I have probably stared at each of her pictures a dozen times already today! I am thinking that my future dream doll house plans have changed dramatically today!


Thrift Store Finds!

There is a thrift store near me that I like to go to occasionally because they generally have mini books. I like to check them out and see if there are any I would like. Well I was headed out of the store when I spied a huge collection of American Girl Items! I picked up a few and I am giving you a sneak peek!


Check back for the reviews!