Outfit Of The Week: 16


I just love the way this outfit went together! Hayden looks a little bit quirky but yet so put together and fun! My youngest son saw it and said it looks just like the youth pastors wife at our church so I would say it is very much keeping with what is in style at the moment.

The hat is part of Tenney Grant’s collection from American Girl. It is part of the Tenney’s Hat And Necklace Set for $18. Tenney Grant’s Hat

The chambray shirt and the brown shoes are also from Tenney Grant’s collections from American Girl. The set is called Tenney’s Picnic Outfit for $28. Tenney’s Shirt and Shoes

The skirt is from Our Generation. It is from the retro set called Rockin’ Rosie. I love that it looks very dressed up, but can be dressed down as well (this outfit is kind of a business casual to me) and it is very soft and stretchy so it would also be very comfortable. Pink Skirt



Collection: Backpacks

So I am always curious to see what people have in their collections so today I thought I would share with you my backpack collection.

This first back pack is a mini gray floral Jansport that I found at a Staples store for $8.

My next mini Jansport back pack is also from Staples and is a fun Aztec print.

My last Staples find is a mini Jansport back pack covered in a fun emoji print.

This cute Minnie Mouse print backpack is a key chain I found at Spencer’s.

This pink one was included in the Our Generation brand Back To School set.

This purple back pack is a retired back pack from American Girl. I ordered a lot off of eBay that included this back pack and an old math book and the yellow bunk bed set.

This brown and pink back pack was included in the Our Generation brand What A Trek set.

This next backpack is super cute. It kind of makes me think of a back pack purse due to it’s smaller size. It was included in the Our Generation brand mini set called Museum Day.

The last back pack of my collection is the hydration back pack from American Girl brand Lea’s Hiking Set.

So that is my back pack collection! Let me know if there is any more information you would like to know about any of these back packs.



Work In Progress Wednesday: Purple Dressers

A couple of weeks ago I showed you a couple of Hobby Lobby dressers I found. Well I was able to get them painted! I love the purple color I found for them!


They are far from perfect but they still turned out so cute!


I will definitely be buying more of these in the future! Not only are they adorable and affordable furniture options for the doll house, but they are great for storage as well! The drawers are huge!


And although this is just for me, I lined the drawers and I think they turned out amazing! I love the color and pattern combination and they are perfect for my girl room in the doll house!


Here is an updated view of the girl room!


It is slowly coming together! Check back for more updates!


Mini Find! Minnie Mouse Backpack

Today’s mini find was found at Spencer’s in the mall. I do not remember exactly how much it cost but it was under $10.


It is really a key chain or made to clip onto a backpack but as you can see the scale is perfect for 18 inch dolls.


I am a huge Disney fan (as you can tell by my blog name!) so of course all of my 18 inch friends are as well. The only thing that would have made it better is if it was the red, white and black Minnie Mouse. Pink is good too though!


It is so adorable and I feel so lucky that I was able to find it and add it to my collection. Now every time I visit a mall I pop into Spencer’s looking to see if they have any more mini backpacks in other prints, patterns, colors or characters.


Here is a view of the back where you can see I left the hardware attached but I don’t think it would be that difficult to remove. The straps are also very cute and realistic. Just a warning though, while it fits and looks very cute on one shoulder of an 18 inch doll, it will not go on both shoulders at once. The straps are just too short. It is still a very cute accessory anyway and most people I know carry their back packs on just one shoulder anyway.


Our Generation: Sweet Memories

This set is a Retro Deluxe Set from Our Generation. It retails for $16.99 and is available at Target. The set includes:

  • top
  • skirt
  • purse
  • bracelet
  • pair of shoes

I fell in love with this set for the individual pieces. The set as a whole looks strange put together the way it is but the pieces are great for mix and match.


The shirt is one of the pieces I specifically fell in love with. I loved the idea of having another elbow length sleeve top in my collection and knew that it would be able to be dressed up or dressed down. I, of course, will remove the ego tag and that will help with the appearance. But I was a little disappointed with the shirt in person.


It is weirdly and ridiculously low in the back! What? Who thought that was a good idea? Well, I think I have come up with a solution so that it doesn’t feel like such a loss. I will put it on my dolls backwards. Kind of like a cardigan. I am thinking I can make a white button up shirt that has sleeves just long enough to cuff over the bottom of the ‘cardigan’ sleeve and keep the top button of the button up undone so that the collar pops out over the ‘cardigan’. I don’t know if I am explaining it well or not, but I can picture it in my head. If it works out, I will be sure to let you know.


I think this skirt is beautiful! This was the other piece that made me fall in love with this set. It is a very popular style right now that I would love to be able to pull off. I don’t feel that I can, but I will make sure the girls can in my place! I love the silky blue fabric and the fun off-center bow at the waist.


The headband is not a piece loved by me. I understand why they added it. It is a retro set and this type of headwear was very much in style for what they wore then. But I have modern dolls and it is just not me. It has elastic that keeps it on the dolls head like a headband and mesh to cover the face or the hair along with a huge black bow. I  considered taking the mesh off and just using it as a big bow for pony tails but I think it is just too big for that too.


The purse was not initially one of the pieces I fell in love with, but I did like it and knew that I would use it. After purchasing the set and examining it closer, I like it even more. I love that Our Generation actually put a zipper in it. This is my first purse from one of their sets, where the purse had any type of closure, so it was a surprise to me. I am also really loving the very subtle pink color and the pattern of this purse.


There is a pearl bracelet included in the set. It looks like three strands of pearls with a couple of metal pieces to look like the closure as well as to keep the strands from twisting. It is elastic and is very tough to get on an American Girl wrist, but it is possible.  It is very cute but my dolls do not wear jewelry except for during review pictures.


The shoes are…interesting. I like that they made little kitten heels. But again, I am not a fan of the plastic shoes when I know Our Generation can and has made much better shoes. I also do not understand the color choice with this outfit and the glitter is not very uniform. Some places there are big gobs of glitter and other places barely have a speck of glitter.

This is the outfit all put together. I do not really understand the thought process behind designing this outfit. Everything kind of goes except the purse and the shoes. And if the purse and shoes were the same color, it might look a little more put together. Then again, it might not.


Despite its flaws I do recommend this set. I would say if you are wanting just the skirt and top try to get it on sale, but $18 is still a pretty good deal as it is.


Outfit Of The Week: 15



I like how this outfit is fun and casual but still put together. Lexi has a thing for fun and comfortable shoes, so of course she became my model for today’s outfit of the week!


The tee shirt is Our Generation brand and comes in the Nature Lover deluxe set. Black And White Striped Tee Shirt

The denim skirt is a minnieme18 original.

The shoes are also Our Generation brand. The come in one of the mini sets called Plaid All Over. I like that they have real shoe laces. They look a bit long in the picture but let me just say they were tricky enough to tie at this length! Plaid All Over Shoes


American Girl: Tenney’s Spotlight Outfit

This set is another part of Tenney Grant’s collection and is available through American Girl. It retails for $36. I have Aria modeling for me today and she looks amazing in this outfit. The set includes a white lace top, a shimmery pink skirt, a starry headband and cowboy boots.


So the white lace top is mostly why I bought this set and as of right now I am still undecided as to if I like it or not. Lace tends to be stiff and scratchy but I was pleasantly surprised to discover that this lace is actually very soft and silky. I also really like the length of the sleeves. So that is what I like about the top. Now for what I don’t like. I am not a fan of the fact that it is almost a crop top. I would have liked this shirt to be about a half an inch longer at least which is the normal-ish length for American Girl brand shirts.   I did not realize how much of a boat neck this shirt has and that is not one of my favorite looks either. It doesn’t look awful and I am probably being too picky. It is actually pretty cute so maybe I can overlook what I perceive to be flaws.


The tutu style skirt is really cute and sparkly. It is made very similar to Grace’s Sight Seeing Skirt from American Girl. It has an elastic waistband and slides on very easily.


The headband is ok. It will look cute with this outfit but I don’t really see me pairing it with other outfits though. I will say I was so excited that it DID NOT have a huge Ego tag sticking off of it! Yay! American Girl might actually be listening to us!


The American Girl website lists the boots as being brown. While they to have some light brown on them, I would describe the more as glittery boots or brown and glittery boots. It is mostly silver glitter but has some rainbow-colored glitter mixed in. I didn’t notice the glitter rubbing off on my hand as I was dressing Aria which was nice. They have velcro up the back making them easy to slip on.


I love this amazing detail! They even made the rubber sole of the boots cute. I love that they added the detail of the flowers carved into the rubber.


I would definitely recommend this set and I believe the pieces will mix and match well in my doll wardrobe.