Mini Find! Emoji Jansport Backpack

Mini Jansport Backpacks! AGH! I love Jansport backpacks. The quality and variety of prints just can’t be matched by any other brand that I have found. So when I found this mini size perfect for my 18 inch friends, I had to buy it. I found this particular one at a Staples store for $8.


I am not sure what it is really for. Maybe it is supposed to be looped around your belt? Or strapped to your backpack strap? It doesn’t have key chain hardware or anything. I’m not really sure what it is. But it is the perfect size and the elastic straps make it fit my American Girl dolls perfectly.


Look at that print! Emojis are all the rage right now and this print is chock full of them!


The picture below shows the elastic straps. They do stretch enough to put on both shoulders of an American Girl doll at the same time!


According to the Staples employee I talked to, these come out with the back to school supplies and are originally $16 dollars each. So be on the look out. I found mine months later which explains why it was on clearance. I have also seen these mini backpacks in Journeys in the mall.



Work In Progress Wednesday: Orange Lamp

Anyone that knows me, knows I love thrift stores! You never know what you will find! One day I was walking through and found this amazing lamp shaped perfume bottle just like the one below. The lamp shade was yellowed and the whole thing had a layer of dust, but the scale was perfect and I saw the potential. So for 99¢ I had a new project.


The above pictures are not mine. I took before pictures but they disappeared, so I googled what I was looking for and these are from an etsy listing. (I might just have to go back and order it because I would definitely would like more of these in my doll house!) I took it home, cleaned it up and gave it a quick coat of spray paint! It was so easy! I just used leftover spray paint I had around the house, so this really was an inexpensive project. I painted the base orange and the lamp shade white. I may go back at some point and paint the little piece that sticks up either a silver, gold or brass but for now I love it!


I know it’s a glass base but I am an adult collector, and on the occasional occurence that a younger doll enthusiast comes over to play I just remove it from the doll house. Oddly enough, I didn’t even think about it while I was painting it but once I was done I realized that the lamps I have in my bedroom have orange bases and white lamp shades.  I guess I just know what I like! Has anyone else seen a lamp like this before? Did you pass it up? Or purchase it? If you bought it, did you paint it or use it as is? Let me know!



Mini Find! Royal Blue Purse

When I walk into a Target I head straight to the Dollar Spot and then to the toys for the Our Generation items. Well one day back before Christmas 2016 I glanced at the end cap of the purse aisle as I zipped by and I noticed they had key chains that look just like 18 inch doll purses. So now the purse aisle is always my second stop!


For $7 this is an amazing deal! They are super cute and there are usually a couple of styles and several colors at any given time. Occasionally they can be found on clearance for around $3!


I love the bright blue of this one. I am drawn to bright colors and I think this will make a perfect accessory for many outfits in my collection!


Meet The Gang…Tinley!


Tinley is my second #23 Truly Me from American Girl. She is also from the Madison Children’s Museum Benefit Sale. She was bought to stay herself and Parker was to become a boy, however, once I saw them together I loved the idea of twins!

Tinley also has a birthday on August 31st but her favorite color is Aqua.

She is musical, like Parker, but she plays the flute. She plays for the school band, pep band and marching band. She takes the term “band geek” as a compliment.

Tinley, however, isn’t an “outdoorsy” girl. The closest she gets to being “outdoorsy” is marching band and reading near a window on a rainy day.

As different as Tinley and Parker are, they are very, very close. They are ultimate examples of “opposites attract” and “twin bond.”


Meet The Gang…Silas!


Silas is currently my only custom doll. I was able to pick up a #19 at the 2015 Madison Children’s Museum Sale in Madison Wisconsin. (If you’ve never been, you should go at least once in your life!) I removed the wig and replaced it with the Bebe wig from Monique in I’m thinking the light brown (I know it’s horrible but it’s been almost a year and I can’t remember exactly. Sorry). A new change of clothes and that is it. He is a pretty basic custom.

His birthday is September 12 and his favorite color is orange. He collects Legos and more specifically the mini-figures. He loves to help out in any way he can and is a great problem solver. He is good with tools and really enjoys building things.

If you can’t find him with his Lego mini-figures or working on a project he is probably hanging out with his friends. He likes to goof off to make people laugh.


Meet The Gang…Savannah!


Savannah is the 2013 Girl of the Year doll from American Girl. I renamed mine Savannah because I thought it fit her better than Saige. I like the name Saige, it just wasn’t right for my doll.

Her birthday is October 6th and her favorite color is rust and all other fall colors that look amazing with her red hair.

Savannah likes to dress up like a girly girl for church but once she is home she is in what she calls her “play clothes.” Why?

Savannah craves adventure. Rock climbing and repelling. Riding zip lines. Bunji jumping. Her bucket list is a mile long with adrenaline rush adventures. In in the meantime though, she can usually be found in the woods near her home, high up in a tree, dreaming of her next adventure!


Meet the Gang…Phoebe!


Phoebe is the second doll I added to my collection. She is a #44 with super curly hair. (I do not recommend this doll for the younger girls. She is adorable but in the wrong hands her hair would turn into a puff-ball. I have a hard enough time managing it and her hair is very similar to my own hair.) Her birthday is April 19th and her favorite color is lavender.

You know the saying, “Life is short, buy the shoes?” Phoebe jumped in full force to follow that advice. She is pictured with just her gym shoe collection. She has a pair of shoes for every mood and every outfit.

She is another Disney fan in my collection as well. (They all are fans but some take it to the extreme and Phoebe is one of them.) She spends her days working towards her goals and most evenings and weekends working to earn money to go back to Disney World. Her dream would be to work for The Walt Disney company in some capacity in the future.

She is a hard worker and isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty. She can often be found helping Silas on one of his building projects, covered in sawdust or paint. She can also be found in the kitchen helping Grace bake and covered in flour.

She is such a sweet girl with a great sense of humor.