Work In Progress Wednesday: Brown Dresses

Have you ever owned an item of clothing for years and years and even though you know you will never wear it again you just can’t bring yourself to get rid of it? One of those such items for me was a brown polo shirt from Old Navy. I purchased it when I was twenty and I loved it. I know looking at you’re thinking “how could you love a blah brown shirt?” Well it was brown but the orange stripes you can see on the dress on the hanger went across the chest and then there was a palm tree and sun embroidered in orange thread on the stripes. It was extremely flattering for my body type and so comfortable. Well now it is thirteen years and four pregnancies later and that shirt just doesn’t look the same anymore. But overtime I would go to clean out my closet, I could never bring myself to get rid of it. And then suddenly I had an epiphany! I would turn it into maxi dresses. I love wearing tee-shirt fabric maxi dresses and I already have the pattern so I can turn the polo shirt into maxi dresses and then I don’t have to get rid of it.

I reused the original hem and was still able to get two dresses from the one shirt. I added a bit of length to the pattern because I like longer maxi dresses than what the pattern was asking for. Because this was my first time using this pattern I wanted to try both versions of the bodice. So for the one dress I made it have the overlapping bodice and for the other dress I made it the one piece bodice and made sure to get some of the stripes on it for sentimentality purposes.


Because these were for my own collection, I saved the ego tag from the shirt. I am considering sewing it on the solid brown maxi dress with the overlapping bodice. In the pictures below I have shown how the dress looks now, what the ego tag looks like against the fabric and what the dress would look like if I do decide to sew the ego tag to the dress.

Let me know in the comments if you think I should leave it off or sew the ego tag on. Either way I really like the way these two dresses turned out and I am so happy I found a way to reuse something that I loved but no longer used.



Outfit Of The Week: 18


This outfit is casual and comfortable with the denim pencil skirt and sandals, but I feel the button up shirt gives it just a touch of sophistication. It is still comfortable, but is a step up from a tee-shirt.


The button up shirt and the denim pencil skirt are minnieme18 originals.

The sandals are from an American Girl Outfit called the Weekend Fun Outfit II.


Collection: Purses

So I am always curious to see what people have in their collections so today I thought I would share with you my purse collection.

The first three purses in my collection are key chains I found at Target in the purse area for $7 each!

This next purse was included in the Our Generation set called Perfect Score. This one is actually lined and has velcro to hold the flap closed, which is very unusual for Our Generation.

This next one is probably one of my favorite and most used purses. I love to use it as a cross body purse! It is American Girl Brand and if I remember correctly it came with a pair of tennis/gym shoes with pink and red stripes down the sides. I found them in the sale section of the website about 4 years ago so I think they are part of other outfits that they had extras of. The only other time I personally have seen something like that is that I had ordered some blue and white tennis/gym shoes from the sale section of the website and later discovered that they had been part of one of Julie’s limited edition outfits that had already retired. So I’m guessing it is something like that. I have tried to look this purse up on American Girl wikia but I haven’t been able to find it. If you know, leave a comment please!

This yellow purse is part of the American Girl Sunglasses and Purse Set that released in 2013 and retired in 2015. I got it as part of a package deal that they had going on at the time that was the Sunglasses and Purse Set, the Flower Sweater and Skirt Set, the Striped Hoodie Outfit, and the School Days Outfit (#2) for I think $90. It has been about 4 years now, though, so I’m not exactly sure.

The next purse is again American Girl but I cannot for the life of me remember what set it came in or anything about it. Honestly, I don’t even remember getting it. It was just there in my stuff all of a sudden.

This fun watermelon purse came in the Our Generation Mini set called Season Pass. It was an amusement park themed mini set.

This next jeweled purse was included in American Girl’s Merry Magenta Outfit. It was one of American Girl’s 2016 holiday outfits.

This cute brown purse that goes with so many of my outfits is from an Our Generation Mini set called Into The Groove. I love how it can be worn as a cross body purse!

Next is Lea’s Messenger Bag from American Girl. It was included with Lea Clark when you bought the doll.

This next bag is American Girl brand as well and came in a beach set with a magazine, a sparkling juice and flip flops. It was one of the in store exclusives that has recently been updated but I love this bag and the versatility it offers.

This next sweet purse is from Our Generation and was included in the Sweet Memories set. I love that this purse actually has a working zipper.


This purse was included in Our Generations set called Pretty Shimmery which is another odd combination that they had as the outfit itself was navy, white and goldenrod in color.


This next purse is from the Sweet Tooth set from Our Generation.


This purse was included in the set Afternoon Tea by Our Generation. I like this one because it is a bit unique in its color blocking and overall design.


This purse is probably my favorite out of my entire collection. It is a key chain I found while on vacation at Walt Disney World. It has the perfect touch of class and whimsy.


American Girl: Z’s Filming Accessories

This set is available from American Girl and is part of Z Yang’s collection. It is called Z’s Filming Accessories and it retails for $28 and includes:

  • a 35 millimeter camera with colorful carrying strap
  • a camcorder
  • a smartphone with five interchangeable screens
  • a tripod to be used with all three devices
  • a backpack

I think the camera is very cute. I like that American Girl decided to go with a realistic look here, because with past cameras they have gone with a less realistic version. I like the black and silver. It actually looks very much like a camera I had when I was younger.


Here you can see that the strap is removable.


This is the back of the camera before I added any of the inserts.


It just flips open like this and the insert is set in place and then you flip it back closed.


I put one of the inserts in here so that you can see what that looks like.


As you can see, the strap fits nicely around Libby’s neck. You do have to take the strap off to do so but once the strap is back on you can see that the camera hangs at a nice length.


Next up is the camcorder or video recorder. This is the view from the front. Again I like that American Girl went with the black and silver. It gives it a very realistic look with the exception of the American Girl logo stamp on the side.


Here you can see the back of the camcorder. The record button is red, just like on a real camcorder.


The screen flips out so you can see what you are recording. It is a nice realistic feature.


Just like the camera, the camcorder has a little door that flipsĀ open like this and the insert is set in place and then you flip it back closed.


Here I have shown it with one of the inserts in it so you can see what it looks like. It looks like a screenshot of one of Z’s AGSMs (American Girl Stop Motions).


Here is the phone, the front and the back. There is a handle on the back to make sure that it is easier for the dolls to hold.

The phone is set up pretty similar to the camera and camcorder in that it takes inserts. Instead of a door that flips open, the phone comes apart in two pieces and then you set the insert in before putting the two pieces back together. Here you can see the two separate pieces.


The handle is great for posing the phone in the doll’s hand.


According to the packaging there are five interchangeable inserts. I only received three. Here are the inserts I received in my set.

The set includes a tripod. Below you can see it with the legs all the way shortened and fully extended. It doesn’t get very tall and it isn’t very sturdy. I am very disappointed with this piece and will probably try to figure out how to DIY my own tripod in the future.

As you can see, it does hold all three electronics, so that is a plus.

Like I said before, it is very short. Even with the legs fully extended it doesn’t reach her waist.


The backpack is very cute and large enough to haul all of these goodies around. The straps are nice and long enough to fit on the doll with ease.


All in all I really love this set. It is definitely worth the money and add three electronics to our collections that many of us have been wanting for some time now.


Work In Progress Wednesday: Bird Button Up Tops

I have used this pattern several times, so I knew how it was and felt comfortable sewing them. (Now if only I could master the long sleeve version!)


I like the classic cut of this shirt. I feel like it can be dressed up or down. I’m thinking I need a crisp white shirt made with this pattern. I can picture it with a denim skirt, ConverseĀ® style shoes and a backpack. Or with a fun color pencil skirt and a wide belt. Or with a fun maxi skirt. So many possibilities.


This shirt is a great addition to my collection and the multiples will be passed on to other doll collectors I know.


Mini Find!

Have you heard of the World’s Smallest line that Super Impulse came up with? They are amazing. I already have the Etch-A-Sketch and the Rubik’s Cube. But they offer tons of fun teeny tiny items!

  • They offer two different Barbie’s that are three inches tall.
  • They have four different Pound Puppies.
  • G.I. Joe
  • Stretch Armstrong
  • Yo-Yo
  • Doodletop
  • Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone
  • Fisher-Price Little People School Bus
  • Fisher-Price Rock-A-Stack
  • Little Green Army Men
  • Perplexus
  • Sock Monkey
  • Magic 8 Ball
  • Gumby & Pokey
  • Silly Putty
  • And my most recent find….


World’s Smallest Hot Wheels Cars. They are so adorable and are small enough to fit on a quarter! They are available in the classic style of Bone Shaker, Twin Mill and Roger Dodger.


The case is unique as well. It is plastic and there is a little trap door in the back so you can remove the Hot Wheels when you like but then you can replace them as well.


They are so adorable! I can’t believe I found all three styles in one trip!


The best part is that the new hand mold of Tenney Grant and Logan Everett can actually hold these tiny toys!


Outfit Of The Week: 17


I just love this outfit. It is something I would absolutely wear myself. A comfortable hoodie in a soft color that brings out the blue in my eyes, or in this case Savannah’s eyes. A go-to denim skirt that falls just below the knee and some fun shoes as an accent that bring the whole outfit together.


The hoodie is a minnieme18 original. It is definitely going to be a staple piece so you’ll be sure to see it plenty in the future.

The denim skirt is a minnieme18 original as well. I love it. I use it in a lot of my Outfit Of The Week groupings.

The shoes are from an Our Generation mini set. They are retired and I cannot find or remember the name. If you know what the set was called, be sure to let me know in the comments below!