Work In Progress Wednesday: Bunk Beds

My best friend and I built a bunk bed. Actually we built four sets of bunk beds. Almost a year ago. They have sat in my shed for the past year taunting me because I hadn’t finished them yet. I really did not need another unfinished project in my life. So I am going to paint them. I am only going to paint two sets this go around though. That is all I need for the girl’s room in my doll house. Some day I will have a larger doll house with more rooms for the girls (and boys) but for now, this will have to do. We used a modified version of these plans:


We chose not to add the ladder or the side rails. 1) because they are dolls and it really isn’t needed 2) because the beds at my camps growing up didn’t have them 3) because it will be easier for play and photo scenes and finally and probably most importantly 4) who really wants to paint that many more nooks and crannies? I know I didn’t want to. So we opted out of them.


After I built the headboard and footboard ends, I ran them through the planer. Then I flipped them over and ran them through the planer again. That part wasn’t really necessary but I liked the finished look of everything being all perfectly smooth without tons of sanding.


I plan to paint these a crisp white color. I know the American Girl Camp Bunk Beds were green and I think they are fun and adorable, but I plan to put these in a room with a lot of other colors and prints going on and I just don’t think there needs to be another competing color. I am hoping the white of the bunk beds will help tame and bring together this room that I am envisioning and hoping turns out as cute in real life as it looks in my head.


So stay tuned to see how they turn out! Hopefully very soon I will be able to get them painted and get them photographed and posted for the whole world to see!



Mini Find! Gray Floral Jansport

Mini Jansport Backpacks! AGH! I love Jansport backpacks. The quality and variety of prints just can’t be matched by any other brand that I have found. So when I found this mini size perfect for my 18 inch friends, I had to buy it. I found this particular one at a Staples store for $8.


I am not sure what it is really for. Maybe it is supposed to be looped around your belt? Or strapped to your backpack strap? It doesn’t have key chain hardware or anything. I’m not really sure what it is. But it is the perfect size and the elastic straps make it fit my American Girl dolls perfectly.


Look at that print too! I love it! If I hadn’t just gotten a new Jansport I would have bought the matching adult size backpack as well!


The picture below shows the elastic straps. They do stretch enough to put on both shoulders of an American Girl doll at the same time!


According to the Staples employee I talked to, these come out with the back to school supplies and are originally $16 dollars each. So be on the look out. I found mine months later which explains why it was on clearance. I have also found these mini backpacks in Journeys in the mall.


Our Generation: It Seams Perfect

This set is from Our Generation and is called It Seams Perfect. It is available a Target and retails for $29.99. I looked for this set for months and months before I finally gave up and bought it from Amazon. It cost me twice the normal price but I wanted the set so bad that to me it was worth it. Wouldn’t you know that every single time I have been to Target since then the set has been available?!? Oh well, I am just glad I have it!


This set includes a dressmaker form, a sewing machine table, a chair, a non-functioning sewing machine, a sewing box, a ruler, a pair of scissors, two spools of thread, a buttonhole measure tool, a chalk pencil, a thimble, eight buttons, a measuring tape, a pin cushion, a doll dress pattern with envelope and a roll of fabric.

The dressmaker form is very cute. The size is off from American Girl but it is made for Our Generation so that is understandable. It is still a very cute prop and still works great for displaying an outfit.


The sewing table is cute, yet under scale. You will see that better in a minute when I show pictures of the chair. However, the table and chair are in scale with each other. It looks as if there are three drawers across the front but they are not functioning. The top flips out and there is a place to insert the sewing machine. The plastic is a little flimsy and because of the small-scale I will probably use it as a side table or an end table.


Here you can see the top flipped over and the sewing machine in place.


It’s very unfortunate that the scale is so off because this chair is adorable! I love the white chair and the red with white polka dot cushion. The giant ego tag is a bit annoying but whatever I will just cut it off.


Here you can see the chair between Z’s Desk Chair and Kit’s Chair. This picture clearly shows just how much smaller it is from what it should be.


The sewing machine is very realistic and I have views from both the front and the back.

The presser foot lever actually works! I have shown it both up and down in the pictures below.

The sewing box is adorable. Just look at that retro sewing machine on the lid! The lid actually removes and most of the little goodies will fit inside of it.


Below are the measuring tape, the ruler and what they call a buttonhole measure guide but is actually a hem gauge. The measuring tape is cute and in actual human inches. The doll ruler is ten doll inches long and looks like a little wooden ruler. The seam gauge is very realistic and the little silver piece actually slides back and forth.


These scissors are adorable! They actually open and close like real scissors! And that little gray blob in the background? It is a very blurry picture of the thimble included in this set. You obviously can’t tell in this picture but it is adorable and realistic as well.


Included in the set are two spools of thread. The one spool is actually a pink color in my set although it is hard to tell in the picture. The other is white.


Below is a very blurry picture of the chalk pencil. You can’t tell from the picture but it looks very much like a real chalk pencil. And I just love the pincushion. It is supposed to fit on the doll’s wrist but it is so tight that I won’t be doing that. I will try to cut the wrist pieces off. But I like how they made it look like there are teeny tiny straight pins in it.


The set is supposed to come with eight buttons but mine only included four buttons. There is a lime green, pink, black and white buttons in my set.


The pattern included is so cute! The scale is perfect and is actually a real pattern you could use to sew a dress for your doll! I love that added touch!

They even included enough fabric to make a doll dress! How cool is that?!? And it is cute fabric too!


Despite a few obvious flaws this set is amazing and well worth the money! I love it and I am so glad I can finally add it to my collection!


Outfit Of The Week: 12


This outfit is very similar to my quick go-to outfits for work. I currently work in a school system so I am required to dress up a little bit, but my position often requires running, sitting or squatting down, and moving around quickly and easily so I also need comfort and stretch to my clothes. In fact, I do have a skirt matching this one exactly!


The skirt is made to look like a Lularoe Cassie skirt and is a minnieme18 original.

The navy tee-shirt and the crocheted slip on shoes are both from one of my favorite easy stores called QT Pie Doll Clothing.


My Life As: Shopping Baskets

Wal-Mart recently received many new items in their My Life As section and I picked up a few of these adorable baskets. Seriously. I bought three. But at eight dollars each, I wasn’t going broke doing so. And I have so many ideas of scenes and story lines that all of these little accessories will be perfect in. Lets take a closer look.


Both sides of the basket have the Wal-Mart logo painted on.


The basket is one-third fruit. There are fifteen groceries and five of them are fruits. It includes an apple, pineapple, orange, banana and a bunch of grapes. The apple, orange,  and the bunch of grapes are a solid color as if the plastic was put in a mold and that was it. The apple stem is exactly the same color as the apple itself. The grape stems are exactly the same color as the grapes are. I can fix that with paint myself so I don’t mind so much, but it might bug other people. Especially since they gave so much color detail to the pineapple and the banana.


I guess a tomato is technically a fruit as well, but I still very much consider it a vegetable. It looks cute and the tiny leaves at the top are painted a green detail instead of being left red. (It is much cuter than the Our Generation tomatoes and I love their items.) It has a loaf of what I am assuming is French bread which looks very realistic. Its solid too so it’s pretty heavy for such a small piece of plastic.


I LOVE THESE LITTLE CANNED GOODS! (Excuse my excitement there!) I think they are adorable even with the green bean level starting to come unstuck from the can as you can tell in the picture below. After I took this picture I noticed that and just ran my finger across it and it restock and I have had no issues since. I have plans for more canned food items in the future, so be watching for them!


I have mixed feelings about the water bottle. On the one hand, I love the handle so it is much easier to pose the dolls holding it, but I don’t like seeing the handle if the bottle is in the doll fridge, in a cooler or used in a scene in any other way besides the doll holding it. The orange soda is cute too. I like that I finally have a “two-liter” looking bottle for my collection.


These are the boxed items included in the basket. I really like the cake mix and the macaroni and cheese boxes but the eggs and fruit punch are a bit underwhelming to me. The fruit juice box top folds over and no amount of manipulating would make it stand up straight. As for the eggs, I have never seen eggs sold in a box before. I keep waiting for American Girl, Our Generation, or My Life As to make an egg carton with a dozen removable eggs. (Preferably Our Generation so that they fit in my doll fridge and are the right scale. And American Girl’s Mary Ellen’s fridge has eggs permanently stuck in the door, so I don’t know that I’ll ever get that one. I might because its super cute, but I’m not sure yet.)


In my opinion, it has quite a lot of accessories for such a small price tag. This set is a great deal and definitely worth the money.


American Girl: Lasagna Dinner Set


This set includes:

  • a pan of pretend lasagna with two pieces that can be served on plates
  • two slices of pretend garlic bread
  • a container of pretend olive oil
  • a metal spatula for serving the lasagna
  • two white plates with swirls
  • two metal forks


The lasagna is really cute. The attention to detail is just phenomenal! The two removable servings are more than half of the lasagna, so in my opinion they are just a bit big. The coloring is off a bit too. It kind of looks like there is bologna and lettuce in this lasagna. But it is so adorable I am just going to let that go.


So the garlic bread. What was American Girl thinking? It looks like they smashed peas on it! Oh well I will make sure that side is face down when my dolls use it.


Aaahhh! This bottle of olive oil is so cute!


I love these utensils! (Don’t mind the finger smudges from me admiring them before my photo shoot!) It is a slight bummer that the spatula and the forks are almost the same size but again I am going to look past that because of the cuteness overload.


I would have preferred a solid white or the red color like the pan for the plates instead of the swirl pattern but they are still cute and the food will cover the design. This set retails for $24.00 and it is completely worth every penny!


Work In Progress Wednesday: Bunk Bed Mattresses

So one of my upcoming projects to work on is painting some bunk beds. However the weather isn’t cooperating much for that right now. So to keep the project moving, I have been working on making some mattresses for those bunk beds.


The OCD side of me is now kicking myself for not making sure the fabric on the inside of the seam is all facing the same direction but I am not so upset about it that I will take the time and energy to fix it though! Thankfully the sheets and other bedding will cover that.


These are just 1 1/2″ foam cut to size, wrapped in quilt batting and then put in a casing that I made and hand stitched shut. If anyone is interested in a full tutorial, let me know and I can do that. I have four more mattresses to make in the future. These mattresses are wide enough that two dolls can lay next to each other. They are quite large and made to fit bunk beds that I made.


Here they are in the girl’s room in my doll house just waiting for the bunk beds to be finished. Stick around for updates!