Mini Find! Aztec Jansport Backpack

Mini Jansport Backpacks! AGH! I love Jansport backpacks. The quality and variety of prints just can’t be matched by any other brand that I have found. So when I found this mini size perfect for my 18 inch friends, I had to buy it. I found this particular one at a Staples store for $8.


I am not sure what it is really for. Maybe it is supposed to be looped around your belt? Or strapped to your backpack strap? It doesn’t have key chain hardware or anything. I’m not really sure what it is. But it is the perfect size and the elastic straps make it fit my American Girl dolls perfectly.


The print is adorable. I call it an Aztec print because that is what it kind of reminds me of. It is very much a print that I would pick for a backpack I would carry.


The picture below shows the elastic straps. They do stretch enough to put on both shoulders of an American Girl doll at the same time!


According to the Staples employee I talked to, these come out with the back to school supplies and are originally $16 dollars each. So be on the lookout. I found mine months later which explains why it was on clearance. I have also found these mini backpacks in Journeys in the mall.


Work In Progress Wednesday: Mermaid Doodle and Nautical Flannel Pajamas

I absolutely love these pajamas! I would love to own these in my size! The prints are so fun and the pajamas look so warm and cozy!


They look absolutely adorable on Aria and Levi too!


These nautical ones have such fun vibrant colors and the print is too cute.


I love the way these look like doodles all over the fabric! And I lucked out with having pink buttons that matched perfectly!


So with a couple of scraps from the clearance bin from JoAnn Fabrics and buttons I had around the house, I now have two really adorable sets of pajamas for my doll wardrobe. I seriously need a pair of the Mermaid Doodle pajamas!


Mini Find! Green Purse

When I walk into a Target I head straight to the Dollar Spot and then to the toys for the Our Generation items. Well one day back before Christmas 2016 I glanced at the end cap of the purse aisle as I zipped by and I noticed they had key chains that look just like 18 inch doll purses. So now the purse aisle is always my second stop!


For $7 this is an amazing deal! They are super cute and there are usually a couple of styles and colors at any given time. Occasionally they can even be found on clearance for around $3!


I love the green color and it will match with several of my doll outfits in my collection!


Sneak Peek Of My American Girl Haul!

I had the day off today so we drove to St. Louis today to pick out my very own Logan Everett! I wanted to make sure I got one before he went on back order and I wanted to be able to pick mine out in person.


When we got to the American Girl store the wonderful lady that was helping us find him (I feel bad for not getting her name) informed my best friend that the only accessory that Logan had was his drum set. When he found that out, he decided to not only buy Logan but to purchase the drum set as well so that he can say he bought me an entire collection within days of it coming out. He wanted to be able to hold that over my head in a joking around kind of way. I didn’t mind because it meant I was able to own them sooner rather than later.


The last item I purchased was the Fun And Games Sleepover set. I mostly just wanted the Uno game because I have so many memories attached to that game and because who doesn’t love miniature versions of real things like that? I also had some AG Rewards to use so that was a nice little bonus!


Be on the lookout for my upcoming reviews!


Work In Progress Wednesday: Blue Retro Car Pajamas and Big Band Pajamas

I got some boy sewing done recently. Now they can at least sleep in something besides their clothes.


I think the prints are perfect for boys.


The retro car fabric is leftovers from pajamas I made for my children and myself one year. (I used to do home made pajamas every year that we would open and wear on Christmas eve. That tradition has faded out over time though). And the big band fabric is leftover from a pair of pajama pants my mom made for my brother one year. I was going through my fabric stash one day and saw these and thought it was time to make some boy pajamas. I love these for my doll wardrobe!



Work In Progress Wednesday: Blue and Yellow Button Up Tops

I like to sew in an assembly line so I generally sew more than one of something everytime I sew. The fabrics may be different or they may be the same. There may be two or there may be ten. But I have always done multiples and assembly line sewed them. This is the first batch from this particular pattern (there was a third shirt but I did not photograph it) and I love the way they look!


They have such a classy and classic look to them.


The pattern of the yellow is a little more subtle in person but I like it and think that the scale is great for 18″ dolls.


The blue is very similar to the yellow and looks just as amazing in my opinion.


These are perfect additions to my doll wardrobe.


Thoughts On The Underwear Controversy

So I first heard about the “permanently attached” doll underwear last Friday I believe. I spent the weekend as well as Monday and today reading comments left on American Girl’s Facebook page and on Instagram. I think I have seen it from just about every angle imaginable. I even had a long in-depth conversation about it with my best friend. But one question wasn’t really answered. Why? Why make this change? Why do the dolls now need permanently attached underwear after thirty plus years of not needing them?

American Girl claims that they made the adjustment because of complaints. But in all of my reading that I have done, I believe I saw exactly FIVE that were for the change. There were a couple dozen who didn’t seem to care one way or another. But there were literally thousands that were against this change. Now I know that all of those comments do not represent all of American Girl’s clientele but it should be a decent size sample to get an idea of what a larger group of people are really thinking. Also they have no plans on “permanently attaching” Bitty Baby’s diapers and they have a much younger and irresponsible target age range. Why not? If their reasoning is actually true, why are Bitty Baby’s diapers not going to be “permanently attached”? So American Girl’s reasoning doesn’t ring true to me.

On one of the Facebook posts a comment was left saying “…If you need to make that change for your ‘expanded markets,’ then you need to change it only for that market. …” (There was more and if you want to know the entire quote you can go look it up) but American Girl responded with “…just a note that this design change isn’t due to our plans to expand into international markets.” But they have made comments in the past, only to completely contradict themselves a week later. So can we really trust this.

Some claim it is American Girl trying to cheapen their product again. I am not sure I agree with this theory. Unless they are referring to future outfits will not need to come with underwear (although I don’t personally know of any outfits that come with underwear other than the meet outfits that come on the doll when purchased) and the underwear and tank top sets that American Girl has stated they will continue to make and sell. They might be lying. They might NOT be lying. Who knows? They claim another way that they have cheapened the product is the packaging. I don’t know. It doesn’t really bother me for the dolls or for the accessories. But for the outfits it could be a problem. It looks very much like Our Generation packaging now. I don’t have a problem with Our Generation. I buy Our Generation. However, when I buy an Our Generation outfit, I know the quality is way inferior to American Girl’s so when there are tiny holes it isn’t such a big deal. When I spend twice or three times as much to buy an American Girl outfit, I know the quality is higher and I absolutely would not want tiny holes in those clothes so I do see the frustration in the clothing packaging. The packaging to the dolls and the accessories though I really wasn’t all that upset about because I am not one to keep all of my boxes. I figure I only have room for so much and I’d rather it not be taken up with boxes.

I have seen a picture of what the new underwear will look like and in all honesty they do not look bad at all. They actually look very much like what the older underwear look like. But I still don’t like the idea. I know. It’s a doll. I shouldn’t get so worked up. But to me it is still a problem. How are the dolls to use the bathroom, shower, bathe, or change their underwear? Who wears underwear under their bathing suit? Again I know it is just a doll but to children, they are their friends. And children like to make-believe that their dolls do all of those things. Some children don’t but so many do. Many parents use the dolls to teach about hygiene and other topics as well. So why is American Girl taking that away from them? I don’t like that some children have already said they will try to remove the permanent underwear even though American Girl claims they “cannot be removed with a seam ripper”. Will American Girl cover the cost of fixing or replacing those dolls when those things inevitably do happen? Probably not. If an adult collector figures out a way to remove them, will they be allowed to be admitted to the Doll Hospital? Customs are not allowed, so I doubt it. If we send in older and even Pleasant Company dolls to the Doll Hospital because something very unfortunate happened and they need a new body, will they be given one with “permanently attached” underwear? There are so many unanswered questions.

Will this keep me from buying a new doll? I don’t know. Right now I really want to get Logan when he is released and I have plans to drive three hours to do so the day of his release. But I am still unsure if I will actually get him or not. American Girl was asked if Logan and Tenney would have the new “permanently attached” underwear and they responded that they would indeed have the new design. However, on Instagram someone was able to purchase him already and has stated and shown with pictures that his underwear are removable. My guess is that the first batch to be shipped out and sold were made with the old underwear design and any that are made now will have the new design. That is my hope any way and I hope I get a Logan from the batch with the unattached boxer briefs.

Whatever I do decide to get, you can be sure I will review it on here! So stay tuned!

Well thanks for letting me ramble on with my thoughts. I thought I might rant when I first started typing this, but I don’t feel that I did that. What are your thoughts on this controversy? Are you for it? Against it? Or don’t really care? Let me know in the comments please! I love to hear from you!

SIDE NOTE: Grace Thomas who according to her books was from St. Louis, was purchased by me in Nashville. Logan and Tenney are from Nashville, and I will be going to St. Louis to get Logan.

*UPDATE* February 9, 2017 – I found on that American Girl responded about the “underwear outrage”.

‘The decision to make this change was made for several reasons, including our ability to continue producing a quality product without the price of our dolls going up. And because we learned from our consumer research that the new underwear design will make play easier for some children and will ensure the underwear cannot be lost, we hoped it was an overall benefit for most. Having observed for decades how girls play with our dolls, outfits, and accessories, we believe the change will not limit how a young girl imagines or interacts with her doll.’

I don’t know. I’m still not convinced this actually saves them money. I think all this will do is drive up the cost of old bodies on eBay, for all of us collectors that so not want the permanently attached underwear.