Work In Progress Wednesday: Pleated Skirts

Fresh off the sewing machine are these six pleated skirts. They turned out so cute although they are a bit short in my opinion. In the pictures below I tugged them down a bit so they didn’t seem so short so the next skirts I make from this pattern will have some length added to them.


Despite being shorter than I like, I am so glad I am adding these to my collection.


Work In Progress Wednesday: Star Trek Flannel Pajamas and Blue Baseball Tees

I was able to get some sewing done recently. I was able to get a set of flannel pajamas made and three baseball style tees.


These Star Trek pajamas are perfect for any trekkie out there! They were made from a scrap I found in the clearance bin at JoAnn Fabrics. I always like checking for fun fabrics there for doll clothing items.


The three baseball style tee shirts were made from the remnants from an oversized mens tee shirt that I had leftover from another project. If you look closely in the first picture you will see that one of them has a different hem. That is because I used the original hem from the shirt it was up cycled from. I don’t mind so much.


The shirts are great basics and are perfect for layering.


I love how these items turned out and I think they will be great additions to my doll wardrobe.


Work In Progress Wednesday: Purple Dressers

A couple of weeks ago I showed you a couple of Hobby Lobby dressers I found. Well I was able to get them painted! I love the purple color I found for them!


They are far from perfect but they still turned out so cute!


I will definitely be buying more of these in the future! Not only are they adorable and affordable furniture options for the doll house, but they are great for storage as well! The drawers are huge!


And although this is just for me, I lined the drawers and I think they turned out amazing! I love the color and pattern combination and they are perfect for my girl room in the doll house!


Here is an updated view of the girl room!


It is slowly coming together! Check back for more updates!


Work In Progress Wednesday: Dressers

I found these cute unfinished wooden dressers at Hobby Lobby for $13.99 each. I knew that they would be a perfect addition to my doll house and more specifically the girl’s bedroom in the doll house. Here they are side by side.


The drawers all open so these dressers can actually be used for storage. Bonus!


This is just another angle of the open drawers. They are pretty large drawers so a lot of doll items can be stored in them once they are finished and put in the doll house.


The handles are attached kind of strangely. At least I have never seen anything like this before. They are like the office supply brads.


Here is another angle/view of them. It is a little out of focus but you can see why I say they are like the office supply brads. This style does make it easy to remove the handles for painting.


I can’t wait to add my special touches and get these painted! They will be so cute. If you are looking for an affordable dresser for your doll house, these are perfect! Don’t forget your 40% off coupon as well!


Work In Progress Wednesday: Bunk Beds

My best friend and I built a bunk bed. Actually we built four sets of bunk beds. Almost a year ago. They have sat in my shed for the past year taunting me because I hadn’t finished them yet. I really did not need another unfinished project in my life. So I am going to paint them. I am only going to paint two sets this go around though. That is all I need for the girl’s room in my doll house. Some day I will have a larger doll house with more rooms for the girls (and boys) but for now, this will have to do. We used a modified version of these plans:


We chose not to add the ladder or the side rails. 1) because they are dolls and it really isn’t needed 2) because the beds at my camps growing up didn’t have them 3) because it will be easier for play and photo scenes and finally and probably most importantly 4) who really wants to paint that many more nooks and crannies? I know I didn’t want to. So we opted out of them.


After I built the headboard and footboard ends, I ran them through the planer. Then I flipped them over and ran them through the planer again. That part wasn’t really necessary but I liked the finished look of everything being all perfectly smooth without tons of sanding.


I plan to paint these a crisp white color. I know the American Girl Camp Bunk Beds were green and I think they are fun and adorable, but I plan to put these in a room with a lot of other colors and prints going on and I just don’t think there needs to be another competing color. I am hoping the white of the bunk beds will help tame and bring together this room that I am envisioning and hoping turns out as cute in real life as it looks in my head.


So stay tuned to see how they turn out! Hopefully very soon I will be able to get them painted and get them photographed and posted for the whole world to see!


Work In Progress Wednesday: Bunk Bed Mattresses

So one of my upcoming projects to work on is painting some bunk beds. However the weather isn’t cooperating much for that right now. So to keep the project moving, I have been working on making some mattresses for those bunk beds.


The OCD side of me is now kicking myself for not making sure the fabric on the inside of the seam is all facing the same direction but I am not so upset about it that I will take the time and energy to fix it though! Thankfully the sheets and other bedding will cover that.


These are just 1 1/2″ foam cut to size, wrapped in quilt batting and then put in a casing that I made and hand stitched shut. If anyone is interested in a full tutorial, let me know and I can do that. I have four more mattresses to make in the future. These mattresses are wide enough that two dolls can lay next to each other. They are quite large and made to fit bunk beds that I made.


Here they are in the girl’s room in my doll house just waiting for the bunk beds to be finished. Stick around for updates!