Work In Progress Wednesday: Catalina Dresses

I had the Catalina dress pattern as a Freebie Friday from and I had these adorable fabrics lying around so I decided to try out the pattern. I am in love with the results.





I am so excited to be adding these to my doll collection!



Work In Progress Wednesday: Beginning Of The Living Room

After finishing up the girl’s room in my doll house I decided to move on to the living room. Well it is a living room with a study area. My dream doll house will have them as separate rooms but for now, they have to share a space. Anyway this is my starting point. As you can see it is pretty empty. I plan to use the My Life As desk. It is the older version but I like it. I hope to figure out a way to change out the knobs and drawer pulls as I have never been a fan of the purple flowers. I also plan to change out the background of the desk. Right now I am undecided between a different scrapbook paper or a sheet of cork to make it a bulletin board. I will let you know what I decide.


The ‘windows’ are 5″x7″ picture frames that I painted white. In my dream doll house I will have real windows and real trim but for now these will do. I google image searched ‘back yards’ and chose one I liked. I printed it out as 8 1/2″ x 11″ and then cut out the size I needed from that. I hoped that by doing it that way it would look a little more realistic. I hope to figure out something for curtains and I am not sure I will be using these throw pillows.


The couch is from American Girl and is Mary Ellen’s Sofa Bed. The lamp is actually an Avon perfume bottle that I found and repainted. You can find out more about that here. The last of the furniture in the room is from American Girl as well and is called the Music and Movies Entertainment Set.


It is pretty empty and boring now but I have plans for this room. I hope it will turn out just as cute as the girl’s room did. Stay tuned for updates.



Work In Progress Wednesday: Blankets

When I saw this scrap of fabric at JoAnn’s in the clearance bin I just had to have it. I knew it would be perfect for the girl’s room in my American Girl house. I love the vibrant colors and fun pattern.


So I made four ‘reversible’ blankets. I say ‘reversible’ because I don’t plan on ever actually reversing them but when I fold it down a couple of inches I like to have the contrasting fabric showing. I made two blankets with a lime green back and two with a vibrant pink color backing.


I love the way they look in this room. It is all pulling together without being to matchy-matchy. It coordinates without looking like I went to Wal-Mart and bought a bed-in-a-bag set.






I’m seriously loving how this room is coming together! Keep checking back for more updates!


Work In Progress Wednesday: Wall Decor

I was able to work on my doll house a little bit recently. I focused on adding wall decor. I have these teeny tiny little clothespins for a while. There are white, black, gold glitter and natural clothespins. I strung them up with embroidery floss. At first I thought I would be able to just string the embroidery floss through the spring part of the clothespins but they kept sliding around so I had to add a pin and tie a little knot, then add the next pin and so on until I had all of the clothespins on the line the way I wanted them. I printed out the little Polaroid pictures from and covered them with a layer of scotch tape. Then I simply cut them out and clipped them up with the clothes pins. I also clipped up a postcard that was included in Z’s Desk Set from American Girl.


I purposely set it up so that there was a longer line with more clips on the right side of the room. I tend to get a little too symmetrical at times so I knew this was a way to break away from that.


The unicorn hook and the mirror were found at Target in the back-to-school stuff. They are locker decor items and I knew they would be perfect for the room. There is also a battery operated candle that was found in a twin pack from Hobby Lobby. The little wooden love sign is a Wal-Mart find from the craft section. I considered painting it but then opted not to so that they tie in with the natural clothes pins better. The carousel is from a retired set from American Girl. It was Rebecca Rubin’s Souvenir Set. Finally, the apothecary jar is from the American Girl Place Chicago Store. I’m not sure if they are sold anywhere else as I’ve never seen it anywhere else but I haven’t looked either. It was filled with pink and red jelly beans but I need to figure out what to put in it now that it is in the room. I just love apothecary jars. Good thing too as this jar had a bugger of a sticker to get off. Even using Goo Gone it took at least an hour to get the whole thing off.


I’m not sure why the pictures make the mirror look dirty because trust me that thing is pristine. I waited until I had it hung as well as all of the other wall decor in before I even thought of taking the protective layer off of it.


I feel like this room is turning out very cute. It has the perfect balance of sophistication and whimsy. I feel like girls of most any age would love to have a room like this.


Stay tuned for more updates!


Work In Progress Wednesday: Brown Dresses

Have you ever owned an item of clothing for years and years and even though you know you will never wear it again you just can’t bring yourself to get rid of it? One of those such items for me was a brown polo shirt from Old Navy. I purchased it when I was twenty and I loved it. I know looking at you’re thinking “how could you love a blah brown shirt?” Well it was brown but the orange stripes you can see on the dress on the hanger went across the chest and then there was a palm tree and sun embroidered in orange thread on the stripes. It was extremely flattering for my body type and so comfortable. Well now it is thirteen years and four pregnancies later and that shirt just doesn’t look the same anymore. But overtime I would go to clean out my closet, I could never bring myself to get rid of it. And then suddenly I had an epiphany! I would turn it into maxi dresses. I love wearing tee-shirt fabric maxi dresses and I already have the pattern so I can turn the polo shirt into maxi dresses and then I don’t have to get rid of it.

I reused the original hem and was still able to get two dresses from the one shirt. I added a bit of length to the pattern because I like longer maxi dresses than what the pattern was asking for. Because this was my first time using this pattern I wanted to try both versions of the bodice. So for the one dress I made it have the overlapping bodice and for the other dress I made it the one piece bodice and made sure to get some of the stripes on it for sentimentality purposes.


Because these were for my own collection, I saved the ego tag from the shirt. I am considering sewing it on the solid brown maxi dress with the overlapping bodice. In the pictures below I have shown how the dress looks now, what the ego tag looks like against the fabric and what the dress would look like if I do decide to sew the ego tag to the dress.

Let me know in the comments if you think I should leave it off or sew the ego tag on. Either way I really like the way these two dresses turned out and I am so happy I found a way to reuse something that I loved but no longer used.


Work In Progress Wednesday: Bird Button Up Tops

I have used this pattern several times, so I knew how it was and felt comfortable sewing them. (Now if only I could master the long sleeve version!)


I like the classic cut of this shirt. I feel like it can be dressed up or down. I’m thinking I need a crisp white shirt made with this pattern. I can picture it with a denim skirt, Converse® style shoes and a backpack. Or with a fun color pencil skirt and a wide belt. Or with a fun maxi skirt. So many possibilities.


This shirt is a great addition to my collection and the multiples will be passed on to other doll collectors I know.


Work In Progress Wednesday: Hoodies

I love the way these turned out! This is the first time I tried out this pattern so I cut up a hoodie I had purchased for myself and then did not care for the way it looked on me. I was able to get five doll sized hoodies out of the fabric I had available. I know I only have three pictured but that is because I gave the others away. I used a pattern that I purchased on pixie called the All Zipped Up Hoodie 18″ Doll Clothes from QTπ Doll Clothing. I love Marilyn’s Doll Clothes and have purchased several items from her etsy shop so when I saw this pattern I knew I definitely wanted to test it out. Her directions were very clear and easy to understand and I definitely recommend this pattern. I sewed my hoodies assembly line style and the only issue I had was with one of the zippers. It was a stupid mistake but I was able to catch it and fix it relatively quickly.


I know one of the hoodies is laid out face down. I did this so you could see how big of a zipper is used. It makes getting the dolls dressed so much easier. Once the doll is dressed, the zipper is almost invisible.


I love how realistic these hoodies look and can’t wait to make more. Maybe I’ll even make some with graphics as well someday in the future.