Outfit Of The Week: 16


I just love the way this outfit went together! Hayden looks a little bit quirky but yet so put together and fun! My youngest son saw it and said it looks just like the youth pastors wife at our church so I would say it is very much keeping with what is in style at the moment.

The hat is part of Tenney Grant’s collection from American Girl. It is part of the Tenney’s Hat And Necklace Set for $18. Tenney Grant’s Hat

The chambray shirt and the brown shoes are also from Tenney Grant’s collections from American Girl. The set is called Tenney’s Picnic Outfit for $28. Tenney’s Shirt and Shoes

The skirt is from Our Generation. It is from the retro set called Rockin’ Rosie. I love that it looks very dressed up, but can be dressed down as well (this outfit is kind of a business casual to me) and it is very soft and stretchy so it would also be very comfortable. Pink Skirt


Outfit Of The Week: 15



I like how this outfit is fun and casual but still put together. Lexi has a thing for fun and comfortable shoes, so of course she became my model for today’s outfit of the week!

The tee shirt is Our Generation brand and comes in the Nature Lover deluxe set. Black And White Striped Tee Shirt

The denim skirt is a minnieme18 original.

The shoes are also Our Generation brand. The come in one of the mini sets called Plaid All Over. I like that they have real shoe laces. They look a bit long in the picture but let me just say they were tricky enough to tie at this length! Plaid All Over Shoes


Outfit Of The Week: 14


Phoebe here calls herself a Disnerd, so I knew she had to be the one to model this outfit! The mixing of the prints is a bit out there for me, but it works in this instance!

The burgundy cardigan is from an etsy shop called QT Pie Doll Clothing. I love the quality of the items and the shop owner is so amazingly nice.

The lion king tee shirt is a minnieme18 original.

The skirt is American Girl brand and was part of the Flower Sweater and Skirt Outfit. Floral Skirt

The shoes are part of Grace Thomas’ collection from American Girl. They were part of Grace’s City Outfit. Pink And Red Shoes


Outfit Of The Week: 13


I really like how classic and understated this outfit is and yet is has super fun shoes! Aren’t they adorable? I would love a pair in my size!

The sweater is Our Generation brand and came on the Nicola: I Want To Be A Surgeon Doll. It is soft and lightweight. perfect for a cool spring day. Pink Sweater

The denim skirt is a minnieme18 original.

The shoes are also Our Generation brand. They are from a mini set that has been retired and I cannot find or remember the name. If anyone does, let me know please!


Outfit Of The Week: 12


This outfit is very similar to my quick go-to outfits for work. I currently work in a school system so I am required to dress up a little bit, but my position often requires running, sitting or squatting down, and moving around quickly and easily so I also need comfort and stretch to my clothes. In fact, I do have a skirt matching this one exactly!

The skirt is made to look like a Lularoe Cassie skirt and is a minnieme18 original.

The navy tee-shirt and the crocheted slip on shoes are both from one of my favorite easy stores called QT Pie Doll Clothing.


Outfit Of The Week: 11


Aria loves to be stylish yet comfortable so I felt this outfit was a good balance of both.

This adorable long-sleeved polka dot chambray shirt is from QT Pie Doll Clothing. I cannot adequately describe how much I love this shop! Polka Dot Button Up

The denim skirt is a minnieme18 original. I love it. I use it in a lot of my Outfit Of The Week groupings.

The sandals are from American Girl’s Sparkle Sequin Outfit. I like that although these sandals are pink, they are not the typical American Girl pink, thus adding a bit of variety to my sandal collection. Pink Sandals