Work In Progress Wednesday: Hoodies

I love the way these turned out! This is the first time I tried out this pattern so I cut up a hoodie I had purchased for myself and then did not care for the way it looked on me. I was able to get five doll sized hoodies out of the fabric I had available. I know I only have three pictured but that is because I gave the others away. I used a pattern that I purchased on pixie called the All Zipped Up Hoodie 18″ Doll Clothes from QTπ Doll Clothing. I love Marilyn’s Doll Clothes and have purchased several items from her etsy shop so when I saw this pattern I knew I definitely wanted to test it out. Her directions were very clear and easy to understand and I definitely recommend this pattern. I sewed my hoodies assembly line style and the only issue I had was with one of the zippers. It was a stupid mistake but I was able to catch it and fix it relatively quickly.


I know one of the hoodies is laid out face down. I did this so you could see how big of a zipper is used. It makes getting the dolls dressed so much easier. Once the doll is dressed, the zipper is almost invisible.


I love how realistic these hoodies look and can’t wait to make more. Maybe I’ll even make some with graphics as well someday in the future.



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