Mini Find! Bible

Not to long ago my youngest son and I took a trip to the local Bible Book Store. I was looking for what I went for and he went rummaging through the clearance bin for a little toy to try to talk me into buying. But he came back with this bible and said “Mom, its perfect for your American Girls.”


I opened it up and sure enough, it actually has writing in it. It only includes the books Matthew, Mark, Luke and John but that is ok with me. The best part is, it was only 50 cents! The worst part is, there was only one and I haven’t been able to find them anywhere else since!


As you can see, it is the same size as the mini books that now come with the mini dolls. I word it like that because I do not have any of the older mini books to compare it to and I think that they used to be hardback and slightly bigger.


It is obviously a thicker book though. I like that though because it adds to the realism.


I love this find and hope to find more someday!



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