American Girl: Tenney’s Spotlight Outfit

This set is another part of Tenney Grant’s collection and is available through American Girl. It retails for $36. I have Aria modeling for me today and she looks amazing in this outfit. The set includes a white lace top, a shimmery pink skirt, a starry headband and cowboy boots.


So the white lace top is mostly why I bought this set and as of right now I am still undecided as to if I like it or not. Lace tends to be stiff and scratchy but I was pleasantly surprised to discover that this lace is actually very soft and silky. I also really like the length of the sleeves. So that is what I like about the top. Now for what I don’t like. I am not a fan of the fact that it is almost a crop top. I would have liked this shirt to be about a half an inch longer at least which is the normal-ish length for American Girl brand shirts.   I did not realize how much of a boat neck this shirt has and that is not one of my favorite looks either. It doesn’t look awful and I am probably being too picky. It is actually pretty cute so maybe I can overlook what I perceive to be flaws.


The tutu style skirt is really cute and sparkly. It is made very similar to Grace’s Sight Seeing Skirt from American Girl. It has an elastic waistband and slides on very easily.


The headband is ok. It will look cute with this outfit but I don’t really see me pairing it with other outfits though. I will say I was so excited that it DID NOT have a huge Ego tag sticking off of it! Yay! American Girl might actually be listening to us!


The American Girl website lists the boots as being brown. While they to have some light brown on them, I would describe the more as glittery boots or brown and glittery boots. It is mostly silver glitter but has some rainbow-colored glitter mixed in. I didn’t notice the glitter rubbing off on my hand as I was dressing Aria which was nice. They have velcro up the back making them easy to slip on.


I love this amazing detail! They even made the rubber sole of the boots cute. I love that they added the detail of the flowers carved into the rubber.


I would definitely recommend this set and I believe the pieces will mix and match well in my doll wardrobe.



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