American Girl: Tenney’s Hat & Necklace

This is another set from Tenney Grant’s collection and is available through American Girl. It retails for $18. The set includes a floppy hat with braided trim and a necklace featuring a guitar pick charm with an etched songbird. Libby is modeling for us today and she is also wearing Tenney’s Picnic Outfit.


This “floppy” hat is adorable! So why is floppy in quotes? Because although it is described by the site as floppy and it looks floppy, it is actually very stiff. But it looks amazing either way. The braided trim is the same that they used for the belt of the shorts from Tenney’s Picnic Outfit and helps tie the whole look together but this hat will also be a great mix and match piece as well.


While the necklace is very cute, it will be passed on or sold as my dolls do not wear jewelry with the exception of during review photo shoots. It features a set of knots that allow the length of the necklace to be shorter or longer depending on how you set it to be. The etching of the songbird is very cute.


I bought this piece solely for the hat and I love it!


Even though I think $18 is a bit pricey for a hat and necklace (or in my case just the hat because I will be getting rid of the necklace) I still believe the set is worth the money. The quality is amazing and that makes the price worth it to me.



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