Our Generation: Get Well Soon Outfit

This Our Generation set is available at Target and retails for $17.99 but can sometimes be found on sale! Libby is modeling this comfy outfit today. The set includes a gray hoodie, a pair of pink leggings with silver glittery polka dots, a unicorn printed tee-shirt, a leg cast with a washable marker, and a “Get Well Soon” card.


This hoodie is really cute and looks super comfy! The hood is fully lined in a faux fur and the zipper is functioning and comes completely apart for easy dressing.


As is normal for Our Generation, the rest of the hoodie is not lined and the seams are not finished. But I still think the hoodie is adorable.


It coordinates really well with the rest of the outfit.


The unicorn print is adorable and just enough without being too much in my opinion. I didn’t get a picture of just the leggings but you can see from my other pictures that they are bright pink with silver glittery polka dots on them.


The cast is in a pretty teal color and I think it coordinates great with the outfit. I know most people don’t try to match or coordinate their casts to their outfits but still I like that it does.


But the bad news is that this cast will just not fit an American Girl doll. Their calves are just too big. I’m guessing that Our Generation dolls must have slightly thinner calves.


The card is really cute. It is in English on one side and another language on the other side. Anyone know what language? Anyway, they made the card look as if it had been signed by several friends in at least two languages and is a nice accessory for the set.

All in all this is an amazing set. Our Generation can get a little strange sometimes in their print and color combinations but they did perfect with this set. I wish the cast would have fit but even so this set is definitely worth the money.



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