The Issue I have With Our Generation Shoes

I have several examples of great, high quality Our Generation shoes. The problem I find is that when the shoes come as part of a set or with a doll, the quality isn’t as good and they aren’t as cute. For example; these shoes come on the I Want To Be A Surgeon: Nikola Doll.

They are okay but something like the ones below would have been a much better choice. They are still running shoes for the comfort of a surgeon being on their feet for long hours and although my example shoes and the outfit colors don’t really match, they could have chosen a fabric that did. In my opinion, the shoes that came with the doll do not match the outfit any way.

This next pair came with the Our Generation Campfire Cutie outfit. They are not horrible but they could be so much better.

Just imagine them with more detail. They don’t have to be super fancy and my example is not fancy. They don’t even have to be pink but my example shows that the complany has the ability to make a higher quality boot. Even use the same gray and tan colors from the outfit set but make the boots in the style of the pink ones below.

The next pair of shoes are from the Our Generation Perfect Score Outfit. Very boring in my opinion. They could have at least been painted to look like saddle shoes although as long as they are all plastic like this I would still complain about the quality.

The shoes below would be a much better choice. Still simple and slightly dressy yet comfortable and stylish at the same time!

Next up is another example of not great boots. They are from the Our Generation Nature Lover Set (which is bird watching). I understand the need for tough, durable boots if you are hiking and looking for all different kinds of birds. But come on! Make them look like rubber boots or make them look like more durable, high quality hiking boots. This in between thing isn’t cutting it!

So far, I only have one example of shoes that came with a set that I consider acceptable. These Crocs. I am not even a huge fan of crocs but the tiny sizes like for babies or dolls are really cute. Crocs are made from foam and when first purchased (before they get all dirty) they look very much like the pair below. Great job Our Generation!

More examples of adorable, high quality Our Generation Shoes:

So Our Generation, if you are reading this; please step up your game on the shoes in the sets. The sets are adorable and the shoes sold individually are adorable. Please! I am willing to bet that I am not the only one willing to sprend a couple more dollars on a set with higher quality shoes in it. And yes I know I am not your target audience, but I spend a lot of money on your products as do all of the other adult collectors out there, so it is wise to listen to and consider our thoughts!





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