American Girl: Tenney’s Picnic Outfit

This set is part of the Tenney Grant collection and is available through American Girl. It retails for $28. I have my beautiful Libby modeling it for us here. The set includes a chambray shirt, white crocheted shorts and tan loafer shoes.


The chambray shirt is adorable with its contrasting stitching and lacy pocket detail. I personally love the length of the sleeves and the fact that they look rolled up a bit. The buttons are non-functioning and the shirt actually closes with a strip of velcro. I wish they would have used working buttons and button holes here but I will over look that.


I also noticed that the shirt fits a little snuggly around the waist. I believe it is to make it easier to tuck into the shorts however I found it made the shoulders of the shirt stick up a bit off of the doll shoulders. It is nothing too noticeable and maybe when I’ve had some time to play around with it more I will be able to alleviate that a bit. I still really love this skirt.


Other than when they are modeling new outfits for reviews, my dolls do not wear shorts but I fell in love of the white lace look with the chambray shirt. I also love the contrasting color of the braided belt that is fully attached to the shorts. I plan to either recreate the look by making a custom skirt, or by attempting to t turn these shorts into a skirt but I love the look and want to keep the general look of it.


The shorts do not have an actual waistband but they do feature adorable belt loops. The shorts do have an Ego tag but I like how they made it a bit more subdued on this particular outfit. I generally use a seam ripper and remove them either way but for those who do not remove them this looks much nicer.


I personally love these shoes. The colors are a bit more grown up but I think that might be the reason this entire outfit appeals to adult collectors so much. Is it possible that American Girl has listened to us when we have asked for more variety in colors and styles? Could it be they are actually recognizing their adult collectors now?


I love the versatility of the mix and match pieces in this outfit. I believe it is a great addition to my collection and I definitely recommend this set. At $28 it is one of the less expensive options that American Girl offers as well.



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