Our Generation: Shimmer & Shine Outfit

This Our Generation set is available at Target and retails for $17.99 but can sometimes be found on sale! My beautiful Aria will be modeling this outfit today. The set includes a cozy winter jacket, pink hair band, hot pink shoes, a dark blue tutu style skirt with metallic hearts and a zig zag striped tee-shirt that says magic in metallic gold.


The fur coat is an adorable piece and will be great for mixing and matching with other sets. It is in a sort of dusty pink color with a sort of textured fur.


It is not fully lined and as most Our Generation brand clothing the seams are not finished. There is also no way of closing the coat be it a zipper, velcro or buttons but I still think the coat is a very cute piece.


The headband is more of a pastel pink and features rather large loops that stick up. I will probably tack my loops down with a couple of tacking stitches and then it will be perfect.


The tutu style skirt is very cute and features rainbow-colored metallic hearts in a random all over print. Target lists them as being silver hearts but if you look at my picture below you will notice they are various colors of the rainbow.


The shoes included are hot pink plastic with odd-looking flowers on the fronts. I do not care for these at all. I know Our Generation makes some adorable shoes but they don’t generally include them in the clothing set. These will be passed on to someone else that doesn’t mind these types of shoes.


This tee-shirt is what sold me on this set. I think it has great mix and match potential. I can leave it paired with this skirt or a denim one. It could also match nicely with Grace’s Sight Seeing Set from American Girl. It has so much possibility.


This set was a bit strange to me. I will probably keep everything but the shoes, but the rest will be great mix and match pieces. I don’t understand the pairing up of this outfit. Especially the three different pinks. Who thought that was a good idea?


Despite it’s obvious flaws I do still believe this set is worth the money for the mix and match pieces.



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