Work In Progress Wednesday: Bunk Beds

My best friend and I built a bunk bed. Actually we built four sets of bunk beds. Almost a year ago. They have sat in my shed for the past year taunting me because I hadn’t finished them yet. I really did not need another unfinished project in my life. So I am going to paint them. I am only going to paint two sets this go around though. That is all I need for the girl’s room in my doll house. Some day I will have a larger doll house with more rooms for the girls (and boys) but for now, this will have to do. We used a modified version of these plans:


We chose not to add the ladder or the side rails. 1) because they are dolls and it really isn’t needed 2) because the beds at my camps growing up didn’t have them 3) because it will be easier for play and photo scenes and finally and probably most importantly 4) who really wants to paint that many more nooks and crannies? I know I didn’t want to. So we opted out of them.


After I built the headboard and footboard ends, I ran them through the planer. Then I flipped them over and ran them through the planer again. That part wasn’t really necessary but I liked the finished look of everything being all perfectly smooth without tons of sanding.


I plan to paint these a crisp white color. I know the American Girl Camp Bunk Beds were green and I think they are fun and adorable, but I plan to put these in a room with a lot of other colors and prints going on and I just don’t think there needs to be another competing color. I am hoping the white of the bunk beds will help tame and bring together this room that I am envisioning and hoping turns out as cute in real life as it looks in my head.


So stay tuned to see how they turn out! Hopefully very soon I will be able to get them painted and get them photographed and posted for the whole world to see!



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