Mini Find! Gray Floral Jansport

Mini Jansport Backpacks! AGH! I love Jansport backpacks. The quality and variety of prints just can’t be matched by any other brand that I have found. So when I found this mini size perfect for my 18 inch friends, I had to buy it. I found this particular one at a Staples store for $8.


I am not sure what it is really for. Maybe it is supposed to be looped around your belt? Or strapped to your backpack strap? It doesn’t have key chain hardware or anything. I’m not really sure what it is. But it is the perfect size and the elastic straps make it fit my American Girl dolls perfectly.


Look at that print too! I love it! If I hadn’t just gotten a new Jansport I would have bought the matching adult size backpack as well!


The picture below shows the elastic straps. They do stretch enough to put on both shoulders of an American Girl doll at the same time!


According to the Staples employee I talked to, these come out with the back to school supplies and are originally $16 dollars each. So be on the look out. I found mine months later which explains why it was on clearance. I have also found these mini backpacks in Journeys in the mall.



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