My Life As: Shopping Baskets

Wal-Mart recently received many new items in their My Life As section and I picked up a few of these adorable baskets. Seriously. I bought three. But at eight dollars each, I wasn’t going broke doing so. And I have so many ideas of scenes and story lines that all of these little accessories will be perfect in. Lets take a closer look.


Both sides of the basket have the Wal-Mart logo painted on.


The basket is one-third fruit. There are fifteen groceries and five of them are fruits. It includes an apple, pineapple, orange, banana and a bunch of grapes. The apple, orange,  and the bunch of grapes are a solid color as if the plastic was put in a mold and that was it. The apple stem is exactly the same color as the apple itself. The grape stems are exactly the same color as the grapes are. I can fix that with paint myself so I don’t mind so much, but it might bug other people. Especially since they gave so much color detail to the pineapple and the banana.


I guess a tomato is technically a fruit as well, but I still very much consider it a vegetable. It looks cute and the tiny leaves at the top are painted a green detail instead of being left red. (It is much cuter than the Our Generation tomatoes and I love their items.) It has a loaf of what I am assuming is French bread which looks very realistic. Its solid too so it’s pretty heavy for such a small piece of plastic.


I LOVE THESE LITTLE CANNED GOODS! (Excuse my excitement there!) I think they are adorable even with the green bean level starting to come unstuck from the can as you can tell in the picture below. After I took this picture I noticed that and just ran my finger across it and it restock and I have had no issues since. I have plans for more canned food items in the future, so be watching for them!


I have mixed feelings about the water bottle. On the one hand, I love the handle so it is much easier to pose the dolls holding it, but I don’t like seeing the handle if the bottle is in the doll fridge, in a cooler or used in a scene in any other way besides the doll holding it. The orange soda is cute too. I like that I finally have a “two-liter” looking bottle for my collection.


These are the boxed items included in the basket. I really like the cake mix and the macaroni and cheese boxes but the eggs and fruit punch are a bit underwhelming to me. The fruit juice box top folds over and no amount of manipulating would make it stand up straight. As for the eggs, I have never seen eggs sold in a box before. I keep waiting for American Girl, Our Generation, or My Life As to make an egg carton with a dozen removable eggs. (Preferably Our Generation so that they fit in my doll fridge and are the right scale. And American Girl’s Mary Ellen’s fridge has eggs permanently stuck in the door, so I don’t know that I’ll ever get that one. I might because its super cute, but I’m not sure yet.)


In my opinion, it has quite a lot of accessories for such a small price tag. This set is a great deal and definitely worth the money.



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