American Girl: Lasagna Dinner Set


This set includes:

  • a pan of pretend lasagna with two pieces that can be served on plates
  • two slices of pretend garlic bread
  • a container of pretend olive oil
  • a metal spatula for serving the lasagna
  • two white plates with swirls
  • two metal forks


The lasagna is really cute. The attention to detail is just phenomenal! The two removable servings are more than half of the lasagna, so in my opinion they are just a bit big. The coloring is off a bit too. It kind of looks like there is bologna and lettuce in this lasagna. But it is so adorable I am just going to let that go.


So the garlic bread. What was American Girl thinking? It looks like they smashed peas on it! Oh well I will make sure that side is face down when my dolls use it.


Aaahhh! This bottle of olive oil is so cute!


I love these utensils! (Don’t mind the finger smudges from me admiring them before my photo shoot!) It is a slight bummer that the spatula and the forks are almost the same size but again I am going to look past that because of the cuteness overload.


I would have preferred a solid white or the red color like the pan for the plates instead of the swirl pattern but they are still cute and the food will cover the design. This set retails for $24.00 and it is completely worth every penny!



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