Work In Progress Wednesday: Bunk Bed Mattresses

So one of my upcoming projects to work on is painting some bunk beds. However the weather isn’t cooperating much for that right now. So to keep the project moving, I have been working on making some mattresses for those bunk beds.


The OCD side of me is now kicking myself for not making sure the fabric on the inside of the seam is all facing the same direction but I am not so upset about it that I will take the time and energy to fix it though! Thankfully the sheets and other bedding will cover that.


These are just 1 1/2″ foam cut to size, wrapped in quilt batting and then put in a casing that I made and hand stitched shut. If anyone is interested in a full tutorial, let me know and I can do that. I have four more mattresses to make in the future. These mattresses are wide enough that two dolls can lay next to each other. They are quite large and made to fit bunk beds that I made.


Here they are in the girl’s room in my doll house just waiting for the bunk beds to be finished. Stick around for updates!



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