Work In Progress Wednesday: Oops! Long Wooden Dresser

Have you ever had a project go terribly wrong? I know as a blogger it is probably against the “rules” to let you know that I surely do. I was trying to transform that dresser I showed you last week. I wanted to spray paint because I figured that with all of the nooks and crannies that, that would be the best way to get a very professional look without drips and such. Boy was that a mistake! I did all of the correct prep work to the dresser according to the directions and then gave all of the pieces a quick coat of paint. The first coat looked AMAZING! There were a few places though where the thin coat of paint was too thin and so I decided the next day (more than 24 hours later) to give it another quick thin coat of spray paint and then went inside to let it dry. AGH! Imagine my surprise when I went outside to check on it and every single surface I had painted had blistered up! These were horrible blisters! Blisters on top of blisters! So I let it completely dry and then began to slowly sand away my disappointment and came to grips with the reality that I would now have to very carefully hand paint it. Unfortunately during the sanding process I lost some of the detail. In order to get all of the blistered paint off I had to sand away some of the fabulous detail that made me fall in love with this piece in the first place. The only place that detail survived was on the doors as the paint didn’t blister there so a very light sanding by hand was enough for the doors.


So there is proof of my moment of disaster. Hopefully with a new paint job (hand painted no less), and some new hardware and drawer liners it will look much better. Another admission of failure: as I was removing the handles, they all broke in half! So now I have to figure out another solution for the handles. Life will go on! As I tell my kids, “Mistakes are a part of life, they are a proof that you tried.”



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