Outfit Of The Week: 9 (Boy Edition)


When I first made Silas about 18 months ago, I had really no idea what I would dress him in because I had no boy clothes. I still don’t have very many of them but that just adds another thing to my list of things to work on. Well, right around that time, one of my favorite etsy shops QT Pie Doll Clothing had a release and I ordered a few things. Before I checked out I decided to go through her shop one more time to make sure I had ordered everything I wanted. When I saw this shirt! I had pinned this shirt in my Pinterest board months earlier and had fallen in love with it but I was waiting to find the right fabric and here it was already made and ready to be bought! I just really like the comfortable but fun and brightness of this outfit.


The glasses shirt as I said above is from QT Pie Doll Clothing.

The bright orange pants are American Girl Brand and were included in the set called Striped Hoodie Outfit. Orange Pants

The shoes were from a limited edition outfit of Julie’s from American Girl. The set was called Julie’s Skateboarding Set. I was not lucky enough to get this set while it was available, however, they later sold just the shoes on the sale page for $8 and that is how I was able to get them. I felt they were boyish enough for Silas to wear as well. Blue Gym Shoes



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