Work In Progress Wednesday: Long Wooden Dresser

Let me just start this post by apologizing for the pictures. I took these months ago and in that short time my photography abilities have improved. They are by no means perfect but they have improved.

I found this jewelry box at a thrift store for $5! That is a steal for something that is perfect scale for American Girl!


The two doors one to reveal three more drawers!


All of the drawers are fully functioning even though I only show the outer six drawers as open.


They have a very dated, very ugly yellow velvety lining. That will definitely be changing!


Here is another closer view of the drawer lining. Ugh!


I plan to paint this a crisp white. I have not decided what I will line the drawers with yet but almost anything has to be better than what it is! I see this piece as a beautiful buffet table in my doll house room! The problem is that I don’t have a dining room in my doll house and where I currently live I don’t have room to add on to the doll house either. So for now it will probably go into the craft room to hold supplies. Stay tuned for the transformation!



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