Sneak Peek Of My American Girl Haul!

I had the day off today so we drove to St. Louis today to pick out my very own Logan Everett! I wanted to make sure I got one before he went on back order and I wanted to be able to pick mine out in person.


When we got to the American Girl store the wonderful lady that was helping us find him (I feel bad for not getting her name) informed my best friend that the only accessory that Logan had was his drum set. When he found that out, he decided to not only buy Logan but to purchase the drum set as well so that he can say he bought me an entire collection within days of it coming out. He wanted to be able to hold that over my head in a joking around kind of way. I didn’t mind because it meant I was able to own them sooner rather than later.


The last item I purchased was the Fun And Games Sleepover set. I mostly just wanted the Uno game because I have so many memories attached to that game and because who doesn’t love miniature versions of real things like that? I also had some AG Rewards to use so that was a nice little bonus!


Be on the lookout for my upcoming reviews!



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