American Girl: Holiday Penguin PJs

I fell in love with this outfit as soon as I saw it but for some reason I never picked it up before the holidays. So after the first of the year they were put on clearance and I decided not to put it off any longer and picked it up for $9! You can’t beat that price.


The pants are more of a leggings style because they fit snugly. They are an aqua color with white polka dots and penguins and penguins in gift boxes all over them. Very cute. The slippers are adorable. They look similar to stockings with little pink boys on the cuffs.


The top is a light pink with darker pink stripes on the sleeves and the number 10 and a penguin across the front. The sleeves have a slight puff to it but not so much that it looks really puffy when worn. It has a sporty look to it and I like that it doesn’t look too much like sleep wear so if I want to use it as a regular shirt during the holidays, I can. I love this outfit and I am so glad I was able to add it to my collection.



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