Work In Progress Wednesday: Orange Lamp

Anyone that knows me, knows I love thrift stores! You never know what you will find! One day I was walking through and found this amazing lamp shaped perfume bottle just like the one below. The lamp shade was yellowed and the whole thing had a layer of dust, but the scale was perfect and I saw the potential. So for 99¢ I had a new project.


The above pictures are not mine. I took before pictures but they disappeared, so I googled what I was looking for and these are from an etsy listing. (I might just have to go back and order it because I would definitely would like more of these in my doll house!) I took it home, cleaned it up and gave it a quick coat of spray paint! It was so easy! I just used leftover spray paint I had around the house, so this really was an inexpensive project. I painted the base orange and the lamp shade white. I may go back at some point and paint the little piece that sticks up either a silver, gold or brass but for now I love it!


I know it’s a glass base but I am an adult collector, and on the occasional occurence that a younger doll enthusiast comes over to play I just remove it from the doll house. Oddly enough, I didn’t even think about it while I was painting it but once I was done I realized that the lamps I have in my bedroom have orange bases and white lamp shades.  I guess I just know what I like! Has anyone else seen a lamp like this before? Did you pass it up? Or purchase it? If you bought it, did you paint it or use it as is? Let me know!




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