Meet The Gang…Libby!


Kanani is the 2011 Girl of the Year from American Girl. I renamed mine because although Kanani is an authentic Hawaiian name I thought Libby fit her better. I like the name Kanani, it just wasn’t right for my doll and she has always reminded me of my childhood friend that went by Libby as well.

Her birthday is March 5th and her favorite color is lavender.

Libby is a fangirl as well, with many interests. Like Aria, she enjoys reading and tends to get a little obsessed with whatever series she happens to be reading at the time

She likes to spend the winter months curled up on the couch watching corny Christmas movies with Aria, however, instead of hand quilting something she is usually cross stitching something as a gift for someone. She usually gets drug along with Aria as she gets started decorating very early. Every year it seems to be earlier and earlier.

She doesn’t really love outdoorsy things like Aria does, however, she can normally be found doing whatever Aria is because she loves hanging out with her. She prefers to be indoors and working on crafty things or reading.



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