Meet The Gang…Aria!


Aria is the 2016 Girl of the Year from American Girl. I renamed mine Aria because I thought it fit her better than Lea. I like the name Lea, it just wasn’t right for my doll.

Her birthday is January 6th and her favorite color is pink.

Aria is is a girl with a lot of interests. She enjoys reading and tends to get a little obsessed with whatever series she happens to be reading at the time.

She likes to spend the winter months curled up on the couch watching corny Christmas movies and hand quilting a gift for someone. She is a bit obsessed with Christmas and the decorations and her housemates tend to tease her because she gets started decorating very early.

She loves outdoorsy things so she plans a lot of them, yet she hates bugs and being dirty. So she will go for a ride on the quads but she calls first shower when it’s all over. Also sleeping on the ground isn’t any fun but she loves camping so she bought an old camper to remodel soon. She spends a lot of time in the camper but if she can’t be found there, you can typically find her in the sewing room working on a project.



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